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Why Should I Buy A Wireless Printer? 6 Pros & Cons To Decide!

Are you thinking to buy a wireless printer for your home or/and office needs? Unable to decide whether it’d serve your purposes or not? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are 6 pros and cons of a wireless printer which you should know before purchasing a wireless printer for home use or commercial use:

1. Being Wireless Means No Chords and Wider Operative Space

img source: Flickr/ Crouching Donkey

Unlike conventional printers, wireless printers need not be connected to the computer or laptop through data chords. The functionality will be based on Bluetooth connection or WiFi connectivity.

This also means that you can give printing commands sitting on your living room’s couch while the printer lies in your office room. Space is what you get with wireless technology. No need to be in a low proximity cause by wired connections.

2. One Printer – Unlimited Connections

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That’s right. You just need one wireless printer to run all of your small sized office’s operations. This works even if you want to use it at you home where you have a system in place, an active laptop, your kid’s iPad, you wife’s table, and other devices which need to be connected to a printer.

Also, it saves some ink costs as multiple printers mean more wastage. Electricity cost is also reduced due to a wireless printer.

3. No Wires – No Space Blocked on Walls / Floors / Tables

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Sometimes, these wires can create a lot of problems for our house’s interiors. You just can’t have a good interior designing look with all the cables hanging on the walls or the tables. With wireless technology, you get a greater amount of freedom to garnish your creative needs on the interior designs of your home.

4. However, Wireless Tech Isn’t as Trustworthy As Wired Connections

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As your internet router works, your wireless printer will also depend on the kind of connectivity which you have no control over. If your conventional printer is not taking commands, a majority of the times it can be solved by tightening the loose chords behind the CPU or the printer.

Also, signal interference can cause wireless printers to lose commands. This is very rare but the possibility of it happening in your office cannot be denied at any cost.

5. Security Breach Can Be An Issue With Wireless Printers

If you use your printer to print secret or classified documents then there is a risk of security breach. According to a survey, nearly 63% businesses have admitted experiencing wireless printer-related data breaches.

Also, there is always a risk of your phone or smart device getting automatically connected to nearby unsecured printers. They can get your printing commands with you wondering where your documents went.

6. Paper Jams and Increased Number of Re-boot Needed

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Wireless printers experience an increased number of lost connections. This result is paper jams as the printer stops working is signal gets lost even for few seconds.

Also, they take more number of reboots than usual conventional printers. This is one issue where they lack and are working to fix the issues.

Hope you liked the post and got something out of it. In my personal view, wireless printers have more positive things to offer than the cons. This is the way forward and with the advent in wireless technology, things will only get easier for the human race.