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6 Amazing Packing Hacks That’ll Change Your Life For Good!

If you are one of those that like a change of scene and job quite often then packing and moving will be a part of your life. In such cases, it is, of course, best to entrust this part to a professional agency but even then there are a few hacks you can keep in mind to make it easier for you and the mover.

1. Segregate essentials from non-essentials

Segregate essentials from non-essentials

One of the simplest and easiest things you can do that will make life easier for you and the moving process a hassle-free experience according to Matco Movers is to segregate essentials from non-essentials.

Put aside clothing that you do not wish to carry with you and donate to a local charity.

Consume all foods so you do not have to pack them for moving to the new location. Donate whatever remains to some local charity. The same goes for stuff like soap and toothpaste. If you are not too attached to your sofa, bed and other furniture, sell them off. These bulky items do add to transportation costs.

2. Get packing supplies

The packer and mover will, of course, bring along packing material but you pay for them. Instead, get corrugated boxes in different sizes from local retailers who have used boxes to dispose off. Get some tools, tape, and markers and put them in one box. Packing becomes faster.

Keep a plentiful supply of newspaper at hand to wrap crockery and similar items that need protection against scratches and against breakage.

Use existing cupboards, laundry baskets, and bins for packing in whatever small sized items you have.

Use bubble wrap to protect fragile items like glasses.

Label each box with contents and give each one a label and number so you know you have received them all at your destination. Color code boxes according to kitchen, bedroom and living room items they contain. Cut handles in the sides of the boxes to make lifting easier.

3. Pack clothes this way

Packing for moving out

One good tip for packing clothes, among others, is to roll up clothes instead of folding them.

Use items such as bed sheets, pillows, and curtains as well as towels as wrapping for furniture or for the more expensive stuff like a home theater.

Another idea is to keep clothes in their drawers in the cupboard.

4. Kitchen

Kitchen articles

Put small items like knives, spoons, and forks inside plastic wrap and then inside a cloth bag.

Larger utensils can hold smaller ones as well as small spice containers and bottles of jam and ketchup. Use rubber bands to keep lids tightly shut and put them all in a large sack.

Put bubble wrap or foam between plates and stack them vertically.

Wrap your refrigerator with plastic wrap. Defrost it completely before you do.

5. Electronic and electricals

Put foam on the LCD screen of your TV. Wrap cord around screen and wrap in bubble wrap.

Wrap extension cords around other electrical and electronic devices and stuff them into boxes with balled up newspapers or pieces of foam to provide a tight fit.

6. Coordinate with the mover

If you are going to engage a mover then he must know the capacity of the truck he will use for transportation. It is best to coordinate with him and keep him in touch with your progress. Better still you can get some great packing ideas from Matco movers that will change your life for good as far as packing goes.