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6 Important Things to Know About How to Take Probiotics for Best Effects

In the last decade, there have been countless studies performed on the effects that prebiotic and probiotic supplements have on our bodies and digestive system. It is hard to turn on the news, read a health magazine or open up a newspaper and not see some sort of article touting the health benefits of probiotic supplements.

According to this, our gut is home to nearly 500 different strains of bacteria. While most of these bacteria strains are actually good bacteria, a small percentage are bad bacteria that can negatively impact everything from our digestive function to our cognitive brain function and central nervous system. Here are six important things to know about how to take probiotics for maximum results.

Set Your Body Up For Success Before Consuming Probiotic Supplements

Antibiotics, excessive sugar consumption and processed foods unfortunately wreak havoc on the gut bacteria and can cause long-term imbalances if not corrected. Probiotics restore gut balance and promote good health.

Foods With Probiotic Components


One of the most important tips to know is that many of the foods you consume or enjoy can contain probiotic components. According to this, yogurt that contains live and active cultures, buttermilk and other dairy foods, kefir, fermented milk, soy drinks and whole sources of soy like tempeh, kimchi and sauerkraut all contain naturally-occurring probiotic components.

Consume Probiotic Supplements On An Empty Stomach

Reduce Diarrhea

For best results, you should always take a probiotic supplement on an empty stomach. Not only is this a great way to start your day, but your stomach acids are also lower in the morning than at other time in the day.

Think About Your Water Source

Water Source

Improving your gut health by taking a probiotic supplement in liquid, pill, powder or tablet form is a proactive way to take charge of your health. If you are taking your pill with ordinary tap water from your kitchen sink, however, you may be neutralizing the positive benefits. Many municipal water sources in large cities add excessive amounts of chlorine to the water. Chlorine can have a negative impact on the balance of positive gut bacteria in your body. Consider investing in a water filter for your sink or purchase purified drinking water for maximum results.

Choose The Proper Product


For maximum effectiveness, probiotic supplements should supply at least 10 billion live organisms per dosage or pill. You want to invest in top-quality probiotic supplements, and the best products will also guarantee that you will continue to receive this dosage of live organisms for the life of the product.

Up Your Fiber Intake

Source: Google.com

Onions, leeks and leafy greens provide the essential prebiotics and dietary fiber that work to help your probiotic supplements become more effective. A probiotic supplement is not a standalone product that will counteract the effects of poor dietary choices. A probiotic supplement works in tandem with a healthy and balanced diet and prebiotic food choices.

Food and supplements that are rich in probiotic components can transform your gut health. Since your entire body and its regulatory systems are impacted by gut health, it is important to nourish your body at its core.