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6 Types of Dentists You Will Find in Every Dental Colleges Around The World

Let’s face it. College is hard. You have slog hours after hour poring over the same text while surviving on nothing but coffee. Add to this the numerous ‘colourful’ people you come across campus, and I’m sure you have felt the urge to scream into a pillow (If you haven’t, I truly envy you).

Medical colleges are famous for their ultra cool students studying dental science, medicines, and surgeries. In this blog, we will tell you about 6 types of dentists you will find in every dental college:

1. The First Bencher

The First Bencher

This dentist is always the first to class, bright eyed and bushy tailed while you are still working on opening both eyes. He knows every assignment by heart and sometimes, even the course the professor is supposed to teach that day! Nothing hurt your self-esteem more than watching him blaze through class in a trail of glory.

I know that “The First Benchers” are common among every college, be it engineering or medical or law. However, the first benchers of a dental school are of some other level altogether.

2. The Slacker

This is the guy who is perpetually late to class. He turns up 15 minutes after class has started, shirt half did, hair messy and the assignment done entirely in Comic Sans, if at all. Your previously demolished confidence gets a quick boost after each of his fumbled excuses. There are high chances that he will be the joker or the comedian of the class.

3. The Sleeping Beauty

sleeping in class
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This person is Eeyore come to life. If you weren’t sure that fairies didn’t exist, you would have been confident that witch person had been cursed by one. After all, no one should be able to sleep that much! He is only awake for the attendance, and by the middle of the semester, even the professor has given up on trying to get him to pay attention. Despite your perplexity, you have to admit, you are kind of impressed.

4. The Prodigy

Every class has one. This guy not only finishes his teeth set, but has also completed his friends’ work while you are still struggling with yours. His RPDs are pleasing, well-polished while you can’t even stop yours from being too porous. No matter how hard you try to beat this kid, you’ll always fall short by huge margins. You can only conclude, he was born to be a dentist. At the time of exams, you won’t find him any other place but the library.

5. The Gamer

The Gamer
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This guy is famous for his gaming skills. He’ll never stop talking about how hard he hit his enemies in Call of Duty Warfare last night. He will brag about his skills in Fifa PlayStation game. He might even have a gaming phone with him all the time.

6. The Wunderkind

The Wunderkind

Finally, we have the research enthusiast, who will show up to the case with 15 case studies, photographs, models and discuss with the lecturer about terms you probably didn’t even know existed. They will exchange anecdotes and dentistry jokes while you look on in awe and fear. After the seventh consecutive sentence that you barely comprehended, it finally dawned on you that it was time to go back and hit the books.

But despite all this, these are the people who made your years there memorable and you wouldn’t trade it for the world.