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SIX Most Important Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Landscaping Company

It is not easy to choose the right landscaping company or a great designer for your home or office’s landscaping needs. There are numerous companies offering jaw-dropping discounts on their services.

The competition is growing and so, the players are doing just anything to sustain in the market. Including false claims and scams.

In this blog, we’ll tell you 6 questions which you should always ask every prospect company or individual before hiring them for your landscaping needs:

1. Is your company licensed and insured?

Insurance should be the first thing you should be looking for in the staffs of any landscaping company. If someone is not insured and gets hurt while moving a big trunk of wood from your lawn, you might as well have to pay for that.

There are different licenses required as well for landscaping companies. Like they should have the pesticide licence to be able to use them in your garden. Make sure that you clear these things up in advance.

2. Is your staff fully trained in all the drills?

Make sure that the company has all the staffs well trained.

Installing and removing new plants and trees need special kind of training and experience.

Also, the painters should be aware of what they are required to do and how they can achieve the dream look.


3. What is the estimated cost and turnaround time?

Always ask for the estimated cost from the company in advance. This is one of the easiest ways you can determine which one is serious about its job and which is taking you on a ride.

If a company refuses to give an estimated budget, it has no idea of the business and most probably ends up charging you a lot of money for lesser work.

Also, the turnaround time should be discussed at the very starting. Professional companies will most definitely provide the turnaround time and will complete the project is the pre-set deadlines.

4. What kind of guarantee are you providing?

Always ask for the guarantees these contract companies offers.

Since the landscaping job is mostly contract based, a contractor will arrange different smaller companies to work on your property. Ask them if they will replace the plants if they die within a couple of years? Many agencies give such guarantee of 3-4 years. What if the bricks start losing their color? Are they covered by the guarantee?

5. Is routine lawn maintenance something that you offer?

What will happen when the work is completed and they leave your property?

Will anyone from them come to your lawn and does the maintenance work on a regular basis?

Is that included in the package they have offered or will they charge extra for this service?

There are many landscaping companies which just offer lawn maintenance services.

You can hire them for the regular maintenance like trimming the weed, checking the sprinkler system, and things like such.

6. Do you also build patio furniture – whatever fits the landscaping designs?

Sometimes, a set of patio furniture or decks are also required as per your requirements.

Ask them if they have people who are proficient in making a small set of patio furniture.

Many companies will have the skill set to do the job for you, or they will subcontract the construction work to some other company.

Make sure that you know how much money is involved in the entire work.