Oluwo of Iwoland, HRM Oba Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi, Telu I has described Iwo as a virile city of great impact, saying he loves the people of the community more than himself. The monarch disclosed his loyalty to Iwo and Nigeria in general as incontestable, pointing his service to his people has cost him to leave his new baby and family in Canada for long.

The statement was contained in a press release by his press secretary, Alli Ibraheem following the conversation with the monarch over the weekend.

Oluwo said he ought to have visited his family in Canada and facilitate external investors but was halted because of his dare need to put smile in his immediate peoples` faces through his service to humanity. He disclosed the situation of Iwo requires short-term means best achieved by sweeping our house from inside. The monarch disclosed he need no visa to travel to anywhere in the world but sees no sense in frequently jetting out of Nigeria when his people are suffering.

He said his trip was not only to reunite with his family but also to facilitate foreign investors to Iwoland to make the city one of the foremost economic hubs of State of Osun and Nigeria as a whole.

Oba Akanbi pointed his compassionate programmes ranging from Oluwo Food Bank designed to give free meals to the less privileged three days a week and others continue despite his absence, affirmed all arrangements were concluded before his departure.

“Oluwo is a worthy father. He loves the people of Iwo and Nigerians as whole. My love and service to my people has been postponing my travelling. I can`t just live my people like that. That is why before I travelled, I made provision for everything needed so that the people I feed will not suffer before my return. I love Iwolites more than myself and my children”.

“I don’t need visa to travel to any part of the world but my patriotic zeal to Iwoland, seeing smile in my peoples` faces is my utmost joy postponing my journey for long. You don’t sweep your house from outside, you sweep from inside. I must take care of my people before any trip”

“My coming to Canada is not only to reunite with family but also to facilitate investors that will establish companies in Iwo. And it is yielding. I just left a meeting with some private Canadian investors and government in Canada here and it is fruitful. Iwo will be great soon. There is silver-lining of hope in the sky. I will urge my people to stop selling land for peanut but instead lease because those lands will appreciate unimaginably when the companies come”

Hameed Ali
A group, known as Movement for Good Governance, MGG has condemned the Comptroller General of the Nigerian Customs Service, Hameed Ali over his refusal to wear the Service uniform to appear before the Nigerian Senate.

The group in a statement signed by its Chairman, Comrade Ajibade Oyayeye decried the attitude of the Custom CG, saying his attitude is capable of holding the entire nation ransom of progress and developments.

Comrade Ajibade said Hameed Ali is just a retired colonel in the army, hence, there are so many colonels in the Nigerian army both retired and still serving but there is only one controller general of customs at a time. Therefore if Ali has accepted to take up the assignment he should endeavor to put on the custom uniform if truly he is not bigger than the entire nation.

The Senate had a few weeks ago summoned the Custom CG to appear before it over the planned tariff on the old vehicle. The move which has since been suspended following public outcry.

The Custom CG had obliged to appear before the Senate, but blatantly objected to wearing the Customs Service uniform. Truth to his stance, Ali appeared before the Senate last two week but in mufti, he was sent back by angry Senators who wanted him in his uniform by all means.

He was billed to appear last week but he refused to honour the invitation, citing lawsuit in the said saga.

Also condemned by the group is the Secretary to the Federal Government, Babachir David Lawal who was summoned by the Senate over the scandalous contract of grass cutting involving millions of naira.

 Babachir has also refused to appear before the Senate. Though he has later recanted and has promised to appear in the next appointed date.

The CGG Chairman, Comrade Ajibade said in his statement that no individual is bigger than the Nigerian Senate, representing the whole nation. he, however, want the duo of Ali and Babachir be sanctioned should they refuse to honour the Senate.

The group equally want the Chairman of the Economic and Finacial Crime Commission, EFCC, Mr. Ibrahim Magu to be confirmed as substantive chairman of the commission.

He condemned the Senate desperate move to frustrate the embattled EFCC chairman. He Said Magu has done a lot in fighting against corruption. He praised Magu over his many feats, especially his loot recovery efforts since assuming the antigraft Chairmanship position. 

Dino Melaye
The embattled Kogi Senator, Dino Melaye within the heat of University degrees forgery scandal has gone spiritual, thereby praying so hard in many tweets on his tweeter handle @dino_melaye in an unusual manner.

Melaye is accused of not graduating from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria as claimed by him.

In the center of the allegation is Sahara Reporters, an online news platform. The scandal becomes messy when two foreign universities disclaimed Senator Melaye as a graduate of their institutions.  On the Alumni website of the Ahmadu Bello University, the Senator's name is also reported to be missing, Punch Newspaper reported earlier today

Amidst all these controversies, the Senator in the storm took to his tweeter handle  @dino_melaye to decree so many in prayers.

View few of his tweeted fire prayers:

Senator Dino Melaye has since approach the court in a libel suit against Sahara reporter, demanding N5 billion damage.

UNICAL: University of Calabar
Cultism is one of Nigeria’s most nagging social problems. In work places, towns and cities or communities and even in somewhat sacred of places, there are large congregations of cultists. It has become a way of life for most teenagers who subscribe to various antagonistic cult groups. Worse still, is the often resort of cult members to brute and barbaric means of attacking and eliminating opponents or perceived enemies that make society groan under pains.

The general affliction of society with the menace of cultism has permeated institutions of learning at all levels. Although, society generally suffers from cultism, but institutions, especially university campuses are most burdened by this scourge. It is a pandemic in virtually all Nigerian universities, which is more organized and freely practiced in most instances unchallenged.

However, with no intention of spiting any region of the country, southern-based institutions of higher learning are most plagued by this destructive virus of cultism. Dozens of youngsters or teenagers freely indulge in these reprehensible acts and derive inexplicable joy in terrorizing both schoolmates and lecturers. To uproot or reduce the menace of cultism to the barest minimum in any university campus in the South is akin to the Biblical camel passing through the eye of a needle. But it is not impossible to achieve this feat.

Understandably, university authorities have had rough and tough times in attempts to tame the monster. And there are instances, in Southern varsities where Vice Chancellors dread confronting the monster of cultism; hence the repercussions could include reprisal attacks on their person.

Calabar, the “Paradise City,” and capital of Cross River state negate this appellation by its famed status of cultism. Sometimes, one is startled by the number of deaths occasioned by clashes between rival cult gangs in the ever bubbling city.

For instance, in June 2016, the peace of Calabar city was violently punctured as rival cult groups engaged themselves in bloody clashes for days, over ownership of motorcycle association license, resulting in deaths and injuries. Such incidents recur frequently and sometimes, residents are forced to close down businesses or pleasure seekers retire home prematurely to avoid being trapped in fury of the cross fire of the warring cultists.

Hence, University of Calabar (UNICAL) is located in the heart of Calabar city, the institution has struggled to contain the infiltration of cultism into the campus over the years. And operating in an environment that appears to have a large dose of such debauches, make the job of completely eliminating the menace of cultism and sustaining a cult-free campus an uphill task for the university management. But the sternness in dealing with suspected cult-related issues have most times brought respite to the university environment.

UNICAL’s Vice Chancellor (VC), Professor Zana Akpagu has been able to sustain a cult-free campus, since he assumed duties in December 2015. Apart from treating suspected cultism cases with expediency, Akpagu does not spare any student indicted of involvement or association with cultism, as the appropriate punishments as prescribed by university laws are applied to serve as deterrence to others.
He has authorized the expulsion of scores of cultists since he mounted the saddle as VC, a sign of his intolerance of such social deviants and outlaws. In addition, Akpagu has not only beefed up security on campus, but launched security surveillance on students to monitor their clandestine activities, through which suspected cultists are fished out and summarily disciplined.
But psychologists say, old habits die hard. So, days back, the tranquil atmosphere in UNICAL was shattered when suspected fleeing cultists mowed down a student at the varsity’s area commonly called “Love Garden.”

The unfortunate incident of the assassination of a UNICAL lecturer in the Department of Accounting, Dr. Emmanuel Igbeng sparked the fresh cult clashes which led to scores of deaths. But the university promptly responded to the situation and according to the university’s Public Relations Officer (PRO), Mr. Eyo Effiong, the school’s security team apprehended two of the fleeing cultists. This was confirmed by the State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Hafiz Inuwa, an indication that the arrested cultists, namely David Charles Job and Godwin Okpomo, will lead investigations into the arrest of the other escapee cultists or gang members.

Besides UNICAL security, matching cultists strength for strength, Professor Akpagu has also not failed to apply his humane disposition in tackling issues of campus insecurity, particularly in reference to cultism. He demonstrates to the led that he is not all combative based on his conviction that human beings can change for the better, if the appropriate platform is raised for them to appreciate the other meaningful side of life.

To this end, months back and in concert with a Non-governmental Organization, Campus Cult Eradication Foundation (CCEF ), he led the template for the renunciation of cultism by 40 students, some of whom were UNICAL students. The students who denounced cultism were initiates into cult groups like Pyrates confraternity, Vikings, Black Axe, Klans among others.

CCEF’s National Co-ordinator, Samuel Ejembi said at the event that “These 30 boys and 10 girls are ready to turn a new leaf…to renounce their membership of cultism.” It is a conduct of a father and administrator worthy of emulation because it is important to know that no human being should just be doomed or confined to the fate of destruction, but be offered the opportunity of repentance as espoused by all religious doctrines.

Therefore, Akpagu’s stick and carrot approach is spurred in his belief in the development of humanity, more than destruction. Students who are plotting a return of the reign of terror in UNICAL campus should have a rethink and would do themselves a lot of good by embracing the “carrot option” dangled before them by the VC. It is impossible to defeat Professor Akpagu and his team of management to re-introduce extreme and frightening terrorism on campus in the guise of cultism. Akpagu is genuinely described by admirers as a “home boy” and is abreast with the intricacies’ of the university and the community of its host, which incidentally is not just his home of birth, but also his home of development and workplace all through his adult life.

It is pertinent to state that no obstinate student, who clings unto cultism, shall escape his eagle eyes or overpower the varsity’s security vigilance and added to it, anyone found culpable would not be spared the rod. No stakeholder in the varsity should be in doubt that with Professor Akpagu on the throne as UNICAL’s VC, they are dealing with an old horse in the system.

And suffice it to say, it would be difficult, if not impossible for any criminal to dismantle his campus security apparatus put together to protect the institution. He came prepared and with a clear vision to deliver on his mandate, as prescribed by the “change” creed of President Muhammedu Buhari’s administration and no force is potent enough to shatter or frustrate this vision.

Odoma is a public affairs commentator and contributed this piece from Calabar.

The Save Humanity Advocacy Centre (SHAC) has written to the Nigerian Immigration Service, calling for the investigation of amnesty international for allegedly harbouring immigrant workers who do not have the required resident and work permit to stay and work in Nigeria.

In a letter of petition addressed to the Comptroller General, Nigerian Immigration Service and signed by SHAC executive director, Ibrahim Abubakar, the group specifically alleged that there are two workers in Amnesty International, a Sierra Leonian and an Ethiopian who do not have the required permits to live and work in Nigeria.

He said the continuous stay of these duo, along with others poses grave security risk to the country as their intentions may stretch far beyond the cover of protecting human right and therefore urged the CG to investigate and deport these individuals with ulterior motives back to their home countries.

Abubakar alleged that the Amnesty International group in Nigeria brings in people of questionable character on the pretense of Human Rights in the country, while in truth; they are spying on the country especially with the ongoing war against terrorism in the country.

The letter reads partly, "The activities of Amnesty International in Nigeria are a source of distraction. As a fact, their workforce consists of people of questionable characters, including the Sierra Leonean and the Ethiopian nationals whom their country have declared persona non grata. And the reason for this is not far-fetched.

"Mr. CG sir, you also wish to be aware that Amnesty International operates in Nigeria with the two foreigners at the forefront. It was only recently that a Nigerian was announced as the director in a bid to camouflage their mode of operation.

"Mr. CG Sir, it is against this background that we plead that you use your good office to verify the resident and work status of the foreigners working in Amnesty International, and if found to have subverted the system, they should also be prosecuted along with their collaborators in Nigeria."

According to Abubakar, this call is indeed a Save-our-Soul particularly with the revelation that the bulk of the suicide bombers and terrorist that have continually wrecked havoc in Nigeria are indeed not Nigerians, but people from neighbouring countries.
He referred the GG to the Amnesty International 2016 report where it accused the military of extra-judicial killings, saying this report is entirely false and not an accurate representation of the facts on the ground.

He said this goes a long way in highlighting how the dubious elements within its ranks have perfected their propaganda plan with the ultimate aim of causing unrest in Nigeria and sending the wrong message to the outside world about Nigeria.

He states further, "It is also a known fact that Amnesty International has been using the cover of their supposed transparent organization to bring people of questionable character into Nigeria, all in the name of carrying out research but to sit-in hotels to spy on the country which is against interventional protocol and conventions anywhere in the world," the letter also added.

Multiple The certificate scandals rocking Senator Dino Melaye, representing Kogi has finally attracted the attention of the Vice Chancellor of the University of Abuja, Prof. Michael Adikwu.

Dino Melaye had also claimed he earned a degree from University of Abuja aside the Ahmadu Bello University's and several other degree now questionable.

An online new medium Sahara report has raised alarmed that the ABU degree certificate of Melaye could be fake as the Senator reportedly did not graduate from the university

The Vice Chancellor of UNIABUJA, Prof. Michael Adikwu, according to Punch Newspaper said; “Issues of certificates should be directed to the registry. I heard that (allegation against Dino Melaye) also, but I will find out later.”

Meanwhile, The certificate forgery scandal rocking the senator representing Kogi West Senatorial District, Dino Melaye took a messy dimension on SUNDAY as fresh report according to Punch Newspaper suggests his name is not on the Ahmadu Bello University alumni website.

Sahara Reporters, an online news medium, has claimed the senator did not graduate from ABU for his first degree. a claim Melaye has rebuffed vehemently, saying he authentically obtained his B.A.  in Geography from the institution.

 The Kogi Senator on the floor of the senate plenary had boasted that he was currently a student in ABU pursuing his seventh degree, adding, “Go round all the UNIS (universities) I attended in digging more.”

On Saturday,  an exhaustive online search conducted by our correspondents – from the 1998/1999 alumni set to 2007 – for Melaye’s name on the website of ABU Alumni Association did not give any result that shows that the embattled lawmaker is a graduate of the school., Punch Newspaper reporting

His name, Daniel Jonah Melaye, as it appeared on a statement of result by the university, when searched, returned with zero result.

According to to Punch Newspaper, when it searched for ‘Daniel,’ ‘Jonah’ and ‘Melaye’ separately, different names came up.

A search for ‘Melaye’ brought up only one result: Melaye Sunday Ola (Biology Education), who graduated in 1980.

Another search for ‘Jonah’ came up with four different names: Bawa Jonah Seth Besanhi (BSc Geography; graduated in 1973); Birga Jonah (BSc Geography; graduated in 2007); Kaigama Jonah Ishaku (BSc Geography; graduated in 2011); and Ndasala Jonah (BSc Geography; graduate in 1987).

There were 10 results when ‘Daniel’ was searched: Abin Daniel John (BSc Geography; graduated in 1978); Adamu Kantsan Daniel (Institute Of Education Geography; graduated in 1992); Aniro Daniel Rabo (BSc Geography; no graduation date indicated); Atenji Daniel E. (BSc Geography; graduated in 1986); Beshiru Daniel (BSc Geography; graduated in 1980); Dada Daniel Adefila (BSc Geography; graduated in 1979); Awubra Daniel Akinkwe (Geography; graduated in 2002/2003); Daniel Bosede Biddy (BSc Geography graduated in 1983); Daniel Dogara Garba (BSc Geography; graduated in 2010); and Daniel Ezra Jatau (BSc Geography; graduated in 2011).

When our correspondent called the ABU Public Relations Officer, Mr. Adamu Mohammed, about 8pm on Saturday to find out why the senator’s name was not on the alumni website, his line rang out. On the second trial, the line was switched off.

A text message also sent to his mobile line on the matter had yet to be replied to as of press time.

When SUNDAY PUNCH contacted the President, ABU Alumni Association, Prof. Ahmed Tijanni-Mora, he said only the university could confirm if Melaye graduated from the institution.

He said, “The registrars of universities are in the best position to provide information about who attended their universities or not.”

Last week, ABU’s spokesman, Mohammed, when contacted by The PUNCH promised that the institution would come out with its position on Wednesday, which it failed to do as of the time of filing this report.

Saturday PUNCH’s March 25 edition had obtained a document which revealed that the senator got a statement of result with the logo of ABU.

The statement of result read, “This is to certify that Daniel Jonah Melaye having completed an approved course of study and passed the prescribed examinations as, under the authority of the Senate been awarded the Bachelor of Arts (Geography) with Third Class honours.”

The statement, issued by the Office of the Registrar, Academic Office, was dated February 3, 2000, and signed by B.B. Mshelthlila.

It was, however, observed that while the statement of result had the name “Daniel Jonah MELAYE”, the senator’s National Youth Service Corps discharge certificate, which was issued on July 8, 2001, read “Melaye Daniel;” his diploma certificate issued by the University of Jos on August 3, 2006 read “Daniel Dino Melaye”, and his Senior School Certificate in 1992 read ‘Melaiye Daniel Jonah O’ with Melaye being wrongly spelt.

Similarly, the University of Abuja, which Melaye claimed he had also attended, refused to comment on whether the senator obtained a master’s degree from the institution.

The Vice Chancellor of UNIABUJA, Prof. Michael Adikwu, responding to an inquiry by one of our correspondents on Saturday, said, “Issues of certificates should be directed to the registry. I heard that (allegation against Dino Melaye) also, but I will find out later.
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