Gov. Samuel Ortom of Benue State
I will not criticize Ortom for now. I will wait for the budget to be passed and see what he does with the budget before this year ends. I will start my analysis and criticisms of his government in January 2017 if he fails to deliver not now. I just hope he does not repeat the same mistake his predecessor did because the same “wind of change” that blew PDP away might be gyrating to hit APC in 2019 if Ortom’s government fails to deliver. I am appealing to Governor Ortom not to make the same mistake Gabriel Torwua Suswam made which denied him of his senatorial victory and displayed Terhenmen from becoming the governor on the PDP platform. The people of Benue voted angrily against Hon. Tarzoor Terhenmen and voted you not because Tarzor did anything wrong to them but because of the hardship they experienced under the leadership of Gov. Suswam, especially civil servants. Today, the way things are going on in Benue State seem like a repeat of the same mistake your predecessor did is about to hit Benue State. The reason I will not criticise your government for now is because the 2016 budget has not been approved by the senate and implementation process not in progress. I will wait and see how you use the 2016 budget to run your government and by January 2017, I will be able to know the direction you are heading to: whether a better direction than Suswam or a worse direction than Suswam. One of the reasons I am critical of your government is because I seriously campaigned for you both off social media and on social media to an extent that PDP supporters felt I was heavily paid by you and the APC to run such a non-stop, rigorous and a fearless campaign for you, president Buhari and the APC. I did all these as my contribution to democracy and positive change which that positive change is yet to be felt. I use the same medium I used to support and campaign for you to appeal to you not to head suswam’s way because it won’t be business as usual in 2019 general elections because if Suswam was the incumbent governor who was known to be a very tough and resolute person couldn’t manoeuvre his way to the senate and manoeuvre Tarzoor to the Government House, then you should know that yours will not be different if you fail to deliver. For the sake of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit whom you have always shown to people that you uphold dearly, please do not fail the people of Benue State.


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