Mr. Niyi Olufemi Oginni
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I'm a staunch member of this party but I'm currently angry with happenings within! After several complaints, the party leadership seems to be more comfortable in crisis.

Imagine a party with no moral justification for its anomalies in Kogi, as if that was not enough, they cooked another story about James Faleke's right to contest the said governorship election with Abubakar Audu. Where were they when Faleke was handed the flag to contest alongside Audu?

My main issue today is just about the present gambling of Prince Tilewa Sijuwade on the forthcoming bye-election in Ife Central. I'm astonished to see this man as the beast candidate for the election, really it's a gamble.

The main issue with my party is just about fact, the leaders are far from facts hence our repeated failure in most cases. I still remember how we concocted the primary election that brought in Senator Jide Omoworare of Ife/Ijesha zone, it was pure intimidation, never a primary election of any kind. Those that went for the exercise can judge my assertion. Still fresh how somebody that voted against the party's tyranny was beaten black and blue! He was punished for following his conscience!

I'm nobody's friend this time around, we should be factual and reasonable as a party, at least we preach that gospel of good leadership and transparent democracy. How democratic has the APC been?

I'm just waiting for Mr Governor to flag off campaign for Tilewa and let's see how many people follows, the campaign train would be the shortest ever in the history of Ogbeni. I'm sure he wouldn't try such. Those guys out there can move on and complete the job by Saturday.

Everything about my party is angelic and pure, no blemish of any kind, you're as terrible as the devil when you're not with us, but becomes an angel the moment you're for us body, soul and spirit. I'm still waiting to see our legacy in Osun, I'm waiting to hear from those calling the shots, someday you'll be shocked that you're just alone there!

If others can get their house together I don't see APC beyond 2018, the precedence is nothing, nothing but of cheat and deceit. I can't just continue to praise what I can not defend. It's worse than what you can imagine.

We have a way of systematically recycling the expired men over and over, feigning loyalty won't help an inch. We should be tired of deceiving ourselves if the citizens can't decipher the code!


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