The Federal Government led by President Muhammadu Buhari and his party, the All Progressives Congress, APC may be chasing shadow if both are actually head bent on removing Dr. Bukola Saraki as the President of the Senate through the ongoing trial of the later at the Code of Conduct Tribunal, if words according to Senator Matthew Urhoghide, Chairman, Senate Committee on Culture and Tourism is anything to go by.

Senator Matthew Urhoghide in a recent interview with the Vanguard Newspaper said, Saraki will undoubtedly exhaust his 4 years as the President of The Nigerian Senate.

"If Saraki isn’t Senate President we can all make a free choice and whoever we choose will become president, but right now the position of the Senate President isn’t vacant."

"He is going to stay there for four years and that is what we want and of course if justice has to be pursued on the altar of fairness I don’t think anything will happen to him because these are flimsy excuses." 

"Those of us in PDP have resolved to support him. Saraki doesn’t belong to the same party with us, but we have a strong resolve to support him to the end and our support for him is total."

"Based on our conviction, the first day we were going to make him Senate President we saw him as first among equals and since he became Senate President he has been able to dignify the Senate and every senator." 

"We have been doing our work consciously and this support is for someone who has supported the present administration of President Buhari."

"Anybody that is thinking that they will remove Saraki by means of the law court or by whatever means they just must be joking. I want to say that on behalf of my colleagues, those of us that have strongly resolved, and I also read in the press that they are shopping for a replacement; there is no shopping for replacement", Urhoghide told Vanguard Newspaper.

On should in case Saraki is eventually sacked  by the court, Senator Urhoghide boasted that the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, DPD will definitely produce the Saraki's successor. 

His words; "The APC alone can’t decide as a party who will become Senate President. It is we that will decide; and majorly we PDP will decide who becomes Senate President. I hope you know what the configuration is right now; 57:51 (46 five PDP seats awaiting rerun). So we need only four and amongst the APC senators I tell you we will get over 20 of them that will support our course so there is no way", he said

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