I have heard, watched and read so many criticisms against President Muhammadu Buhari ranging from being slow to hardship and so many others issues. From my findings, ninety percent (90%) of those using the print, broadcast, and social media to criticize Buhari unnecessarily are from the PDP. Buhari is trying to fix a country seriously damaged by Obasanjo and Jonathan so Nigerians should be patient with him and not launch missiles against him from a canoe.

For those who drank themselves into oblivion will be always blindfolded by the darkness of hatred and corruption when there is an option of freedom from bondage.

The reason why most people will not have their prayers answered and will keep on retrogressing in their “effort” to progress is because of their insincerity to themselves and to God. How can God answer a prayer of someone who hates others just because of their educational, religious, political, ethnic and ideological backgrounds? How can God answer the prayer of someone who sees the light but prefers darkness? Buhari is trying to make Nigeria a better country that we can all be proud of, yet others are busy criticising him unjustly just because they are from PDP Buhari is from APC or because he is a Muslim and they are Christians.

I understand that Buhari have done some things worthy of criticisms but when such criticisms are projected on the platform of hatred and bias, they make little or no impact at all. I also criticise Buhari objectively when he goes wrong because objective criticism is the best for those who truly want Nigeria to move forward.

The same people criticising Buhari unjustly today never criticised Jonathan even when his bad and corrupt government reached a level where Nigeria was almost reaching its “boiling point”.
 President Buhari is human and he can make mistakes, he has made mistakes and should be criticised. But when criticism is fuelled by hatred, it can rather consume the person than who is criticised.

Never launch a missile from a canoe: recognize your position. Before anyone launches “missiles” against Buhari, the person should not be inside a “canoe” because the canoe is not a place to launch missiles. But for those who will still insist on using the canoe to launch “missiles” against Buhari should be aware that they will drown in such a scenario.


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