At exactly 10:40AM, Justice Danladi Umar enters the court room as proceedings for the day begins. All rise!
And the matter before the tribunal is read out. SP bukolasaraki takes to the dock ‪#‎CCTvsSaraki‬

Rotimi Jacobs, lead prosecutor names 6 people as companying the prosecution team as usual while Defense counsel Ajibola Oloyede, reads out names of about 51 lawyers on their team

Defense wants to draw the CCT for a motion they earlier filled. Prosecution says the matter for the day is cross examination
Rotimi Jacobs says defense lawyer Ajibola Oloyede tried to serve him a motion yesterday
Prosecution says Oloyede has never appeared before the tribunal b4 & d motion should have been filed thru lead defense counsel
Prosecution says Oloyede also served his lead defense counsel motion the same time his was served
Prosecution says there was no address of the lead defense counsel on the new motion Oloyede wanted to file
Prosecution: as at the time Oloyede filled the motion, he was not a counsel here. This motion is not right for hearing here
Prosecution: as at the time Oloyede filled the motion, he was not a counsel here. This motion is not right for hearing her
The motion in question says Justice Umar is still under investigation by the EFCC
Justice Umar: that motion has no business in this tribunal.
Oloyede tries to speak and Justice asks him to sit down!
Prosecution urges his Lordship to be patient with him as he will attach every relevant document to the motion Oloyede filled
Justice Umar chides members of the inner bar for not leading by example. 'How can you allow such a thing to happen', he asks
Justice Umar says Oloyede filled his motion as an individual and not as a counsel to the defendant
Justice Umar: that motion as long as the CCT is concerned is of no consequence is therefore thrown away
Justice Umar says members of the Bar are Ministers of Justice. Says it is 'so shameful and unfortunate
Oloyede says 'he is not aware that the lead counsel is not aware of the motion filled.
Oloyede : your Lordship has the right to rule over our application no matter how foolish or insignificant it may be

Defense: see? We are making progress.
The narration is exactly the same as the one mentioned before
Witness: When investigating this matter, I was asked to give account of everything found
Witness: from our investigation, every transaction relating to American Express Europe Services was computed.
Defense: like I said, the other entries on that sheet you are with relate to the charges on those major transfers
Witness: I said so earlier
Defense points witness to Page 7 11/11/2009 where $127,187.41 transaction was made. That is a major one right?
Witness: Yes my Lord
Defense: Alright
Defense: On 15/12/2009, $43,318.26 was another major transaction carried out right?
Witness: yes
Defense: On that same page, on 7/01/2010, $140,319.04 was another major transaction carried out right?
Witness: That's correct
Defense: The rest of what is on that page are merely charges after every major transaction
Witness: Yes
Defense: In pg 6, on 18/2/2013, $97, 139.99 was the only major transfer to American Express. Correct?
Witness: Yes
Defense: I haven't asked the witness to read out every detail on the document. The prosecution is wrong on that
Defense: And my Lord, what if we add up all these numbers and they don't add up to the total stated by the witness?
Defense: He is the lead investigator. It isn't such a difficult thing to do, is it?
Justice Adatze cuts in and asks defense to cross examine witness on the particular transactions he has issues with
Defense points witness to numbers on the statement. Witness says they are charges on the transaction
Defense: there is one for $6.46.
Witness: those are charges on transactions
Defense: so you are saying they don't form part of the total amount?
Witness: I can't conform until it is recomputed.
Defense: let that be put on record
Witness repeats dt he can't confirm if charges form part of d amt indicated in counts 11/12
Justice Umar: Let's put this clear first. We are on count 12, isn't it?
Defense: yes My Lord
Defense points witness to page 5 where a transaction was done on 8/9/2009 for $127,174.05
Defense: the narration is swift transfer FX Dr Bukola Saraki /American Express Services Europe
Defense: there is another major transfer on 21/10/2009
Witness : That's another major transfer

Agabi: Please be patient with us my Lord. Be patient with him. I make mistakes. No one makes more mistake than myself
Agabi now draws inferences from his childhood and primary school education and how he overcame his weakness
Agabi: I have learned not to judge people by their appearance. My Lord, don't judge me by my mistakes
Umar explains that Oloyede ' s motion was filled, not when he was a member of the defense team and hence he thrashed it
Umar: I wanted to commit him in court for contempt but for the intervention of his colleagues. That's why he sits here
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Source:Kenny Ola Adebanjo


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