A former military governor of Ondo state and Lagos base chieftain of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Chief Olabode George has warned Ekiti State Governor, Dr. Peter Ayodele Fayose to tread slowly, especially on his incessant attack on President Muhammadu Buhari.

Chief George in a recent interview granted the Daily Sun described Fayose as a small boy who must be grateful to God for reinstalling him back to power, but instead, the governor busy with personal, unintellectual and unintelligent attack on the President.

A former National Deputy Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, Chief Olabode George in his usual manner of no hold barred said to the Daily Sun interviewer;

"We have an adage in my language. The wis­dom of the elders; the grey hair is not for cows, or ram. It is a true reflection of so many expe­riences and learning. When you see a young man, boisterous, firing on both sides of the cyl­inder, then my word is ‘gada nkada, ankali, jee-jeeo, Nwayo nwayo, slow- slow’. You see snail?" Sometimes you see it on top of a roof. It has no hand, it has no leg, but it climbs and gets to the top. How does it do it? It will look right and left and move. If you touch it, it will hide again, and can stay there for a long time." 

"My advice to him is that though we must have opposition, it must be constructive; it must be intellectual, nothing personal. When we were in power, opposition governors used to come to discuss what they wanted in their states. You don’t put him perpetually on attack. He is the president. I think it is a little too much when you start firing a letter outside to another president to dishonour a loan agreement. That is a little too much for Ayo."

"I know Ayo. One thing that he should be grateful to God is that they haunted him out of government house. He is still my boy, my little boy. That was during Obasanjo’s era. What they did to him was il­legal, it was not right. He knew we supported him. But see the way the Almighty works. Ex­actly 8 years, on the same day, he came back as governor. What else does he need other than to praise God and do what is right. He can book an appointment that he wants to see the presi­dent." 

"I am saying this because the very first time he came there, the whole people in man­agement conspired that he would not be gov­ernor. He and my mother’s younger brother came to me at 2.30 am at a hotel in Ekiti when Obasanjo was coming the following morning. I gave him N230,000 to go and buy his own dress; that he will get the ticket that morning to be governor. He didn’t believe it. I said, go and sow it overnight, which he did."

"I went on board the aircraft, because they had given the dress of another man they want­ed as governor to Obasanjo. They had given it to baba. I explained to baba and he said, okay Bode, keep the dress. I would be going from here to commission NTA station in Ekiti. After that, I will announce and call for you. Bring the dress inside the building. I took the dress there. After Baba had finished commissioning the station, he dropped it, and called out ‘Bode’. I said ‘yes baba’. He said ‘ Oya come.’ We went into one studio there. That was where Baba changed. You know everybody had to move to the stadium. We changed into Fayose’s dress. When he entered the stadium in Fayose’s dress there was surprise, and that did it. He should remember, because if you forget about history you will repeat the mistake.


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