The Board of Trustees of the Peoples Democratic Party has elected Sen. Walid Jibril as its substantive chairman.

The Board of Trustees (Bot) of the PDP has elected a former minister of Transportation,

The body at a meeting at its national secretariat on Monday also elected Chief Ojo Maduekwe as its secretary.

Jibril, until his new position was at one time acting national chairman and secretary of the party

Maduekwe, an old time politician, when he was minister in charge of the federal ministry of transport, sought to evolve a bicycle revolution in the country, when he advocated that workers take bicycle to work.

The opposition party has been embroiled in crisis over the tenure of its current national chairman, Ali Modu Sheriff.

Earlier headline, which read the PDP National Chairman was dethroned was an error highly regretted by NEWS PUNCH


  1. PDP now out of office should be able to see better and make amends of it flaws of yesterday

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