Saraki, Ekweremadu'll Know No Peace Until They Vacate Seat - Senate-Colleague Reveals
The leadership of the Senate under Senator Bukola Saraki and his Deputy, Ike Ekweremadu will not enjoy peace until they are pushed out of office, Senator Robert Ajayi Boroffice said on Wednesday.

Boroffice who was at the national secretariat of the All Progressives Congress (APC), to collect his nomination and expression of interest form to contest the party’s ticket for the Ondo State governorship election insisted that his group, Unity Forum, would continue to challenge the Bukola Saraki, Senate President, and Ike Ekweremadu, his deputy, until integrity is restored.

Senator Boroffice added that the Unity Forum where he belongs was fighting the current Senate leadership based on principle and not because they hate anybody.

Speaking with newsmen on Wednesday at the APC national secretariat in Abuja after picking form to contest the governorship primary election of the party, Boroface said his group would continue to “fight to ensure that the image of the Senate is redeemed.”

“I am one of those people who went to court to challenge the election of the Senate principals and I maintain that we have done that on principle not because we hate anybody. We want to defend the integrity of the Senate and the sanity of the rule of law.

“So, it is not that we are all working in the same direction, some of us are speaking out and I hope that you press men will give expression to our voices when we speak out.

“So, I can assure you that we will not be intimidated, we will continue to fight to ensure that the image of the Senate is redeemed so that any senator in Nigeria can raise his head anywhere in the world and described himself as senator.”

When asked to comment on the agitation for restructuring of the country, the two-term senator said, “The Senate again this year we pray that we have enough time to send this amendment to Mr. President to be assented to. If you look at it, you will see we are already restructuring with that with those amendment. Some of the things that they are in the exclusive list of the Federal Government have been brought to the concurrent list of the state and we are actually committed to true federalism, fiscal federalism.

“Some of us are in support of the state police, even though we know is subject to misuse. We believe that certain items that are now in the exclusive list of the Federal Government should be transferred to the state.

“So we are doing something about it, we are not making noise about it and by the time we get this amendment thing, many Nigerians would know we have done a good job not only in terms of structure but in the area of revenue allocation these are very important issue we cannot deny.”

According to the governorship aspirant, Ondo should be one of the best in terms of economic vibrancy, it’s an oil producing state, has second largest deposits of bitumen in the world.

“It has natural resources like cocoa, palm oil, coal but all these remain untapped…We need someone knowledgeable, that can help to create jobs, ease our ailing economy.

”We have ceramic, rubber, wood industries that are all dead. If we revive them we will not need to depend on the government. We will plug all leakages and develop a very vibrant economy.

“We will run a knowledge-driven economy. We must make sure Nigerians pay their taxes. There are countries that have no natural resource and are doing very well,” he said.


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