THE HARD FACTS: PMB inherited an excessively mismanaged and plundered nation from PDP/GEJ and he is clinically and methodically transforming Nigeria.

You are entitled to your opinion which includes regretting that you asked people to vote for PMB. But I also have the right to my own opinion and I have the right to explain to you why I think you are wrong. The reason Nigeria is currently in the state in which it is are the seeds of bad governance, lack of planning and vision and corruption that characterized the PDP's governance of Nigeria for 16 unbroken years. PMB is cleaning up the mess created by 16 years of PDP rule.


1. It was the PDP not PMB that ruled Nigeria for 16 years and never bothered to diversify the Nigerian economy

2. It was not PMB that squandered over 4 trillion naira on the alleged purchase of military equipment that was later found to have been embezzled by GEJ and his gang of rogues.

3. It was not PMB who allowed Boko Haram conquer 30% of Nigerian Territory within 4 years of the commencement of their insurgency, it was GEJ.

4. It was not PMB who squandered over $20b in the excess crude account. It was GEJ.

5. It was not PMB that allowed oil theft of over 500,000 barrels per day for 5 years at the rate of $50,000,000 per day when crude oil was selling for $100 per barrel, it was GEJ.

6. It was not PMB who was in charge of governance in Nigeria when the Chibok girls were kidnapped it was GEJ.

7. It was not PMB that was in charge for 16 years when the Nigeria's health care systems was allowed to degenerate to a comatose state it was the PDP.

8. It was not PMB that was in power for 16 years when over $54b was squandered on a so called power infrastructure development, it was the PDP.

9. It was not PMB that was in power when the the government failed to arm the armed forces with modern weapons and military hardware which gave insurgency a free ride, it was GEJ.

10. It was not PMB who watched and danced azonto and skelewu while over 25,000 Nigerians lost their lives to insurgency, it was GEJ.

11. It was not PMB that was in power when over 2,500,000 Nigerians were internally displaced by insurgency in their own country, it was GEJ.

12. It was not PMB that was in charge when over 30 people were killed at the NIS recruitment exercise of 2014 after over 600,000 unemployed graduates were charged N1k for the filling of 5k vacancies, it was GEJ.

13. It was not PMB that budgeted trillions of naira for capital projects to fix Federal Roads and the roads were still in a horrible state of disrepair 16 years after the people's votes wrested power from them. The trillions of naira ended up in the private bank accounts of PDP chieftains across Nigeria.

14. It was not under PMB that the rate of unemployment rose from 24% to 65% within 6 years. It happened under GEJ.

15. It was not under PMB that massive failures were recorded in NECO and WAEC exams in Nigeria it was under GEJ.

16. It was not under PMB that disobedience of court orders became the norm in government it was under the PDP.

17. It was not under PMB that Nigeria's Foreign Reserve crashed from over $60b in 2008 to $32b as of May 29th, 2015 when GEJ handed over power to PMB

18. It was not under PMB that the rate of crime in Nigeria rose astronomically, it was under GEJ.

19. It was not under PMB that the standard of education in Nigeria fell sharply, it was under GEJ.

20. It was not under PMB that the we had a Federal Ministry of Water Resources that produced zero water and failed to encourage private investment in water generation and distribution,it was under the PDP.

21. It was not under PMB that Nigeria's stature and status in the comity of nations became dwarfed and Nigeria become a pariah nation used as an example of corrupt nations, it was under GEJ.

22. It was not under PMB that strike actions by ASUU and ASUP became a recurring decimal in our educational sector for 16 years, it was under the PDP..

23. It was not under PMB that Nigeria lost N30 trillion to corruption at the federal level in just 5 years it was under GEJ.

24. It was not under PMB that the Nigerian treasury and the treasury of a political party became indistinguishable from each other because government funds were hijacked by the PDP and used for electioneering campaign while lots of people were wallowing in abject poverty.

25. It was not under the PMB that MEND whose insurgency shook Nigeria to its foundation was created and funded. It is widely acknowledged and alleged that some PDP Governors from the South South created and funded them before they got out of control. This happened under the watch of a PDP government at the centre.

26. It was not under the PMB that BOKO HARAM was allegedly created by some forces within the PDP as alleged by the late NSA General Azazi.

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