God Has No Favourite Religion, By Morakinyo Adeniyi
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The level of criticism from the exclusivist prompted me to write this piece of article. The level of Intolerance from people around us and the way some people practices exclusivism around one another. 

Religion can be described as the belief in and worship of a supernatural controlling power, especially a personal god or gods. 

It's is also any practice that someone or some group is seriously devoted to. 

Religion also comes with faith of those that practice such including the area and backgrounds of individuals influence the religion one will practice.  For instance, if you are born during the Ancient Egyptian Era which they practice a complex system of polytheistic beliefs and ritual which were an integral parts of ancient Egyptian society. 

Am so sure you wouldn't have a choice than to practice what's on ground. The religion had its roots in Egypt prehistory and lasted for more than 3000 years, the details of religious beliefs changed over time as the importance of particular gods and declined and their intricate relationship shifted. If you are born to India sub-continental during 1750 BCE period, definitely you will practice Hinduism. 

The history of Buddhism spans from the 6th century BC to the present, starting with the birth of Buddha. Those who engage in YOGA normally says "NAMASTE" which means 'The God in me greets the God in you or the' Divine light in me honour the divine light in you. This people believes that we are temple of God and also the meditation aspect is to be closer to God, they belief every being carries a god in within. 

The Islam is seen as the religion of peace coined from" SALEMA" which means Peace, Purity. Islam dates back to the age of Adam and it's message has been conveyed to man by God's prophets and messengers, including Moses, Jesus and Muhammad. 

Allah in the Arabic language means God or more accurately, the one and only Eternal God, creator of the Universe. The word Allah to mean God is also used by Arabic speaking Jews and Christian. 

Now let us view it from the African perspectives, precisely Nigeria,  the Yoruba's believes in various gods, the OLODUMARE is believed to be the who created everything, while the SANGO is the god of thunder, OGUN is the god of iron while ODUDUWA is believed to descend from the sky with Chain. All this gods are worshipped till dates by their followers. 

God in reality has tolerance and patience for us all and apart from different doctrine we received most people on earth still believes in the existence of God while only view believe creation and mankind emerge through Evolution. What I believe is oneness of God and my faith in whom I believe and it works for me. I have been bashed, calls all sort of names many time by people, that am a Hypocrite, Backslider, Kafirun etc. 

But to those calling me names I wouldn't judge you., I will leave you to your God for judgement because you are not the God am worshipping. So all "Malam with his kettle". In the day of judgement or afterlife, you will answer for yourself and I will answer mine for my deeds. 

I don't discriminate any religion because I know ISLAM is a religion of peace and when it comes to TRADITIONAL RELIGION during my National Youth Service Corp(NYSC) back then at ILE-IFE which I met people who are generous and like family to me. 

Every human being chooses and decides what soothes your spirit, we don't need to condemn or discourage people's religion, there are ways you talked to people and win them to your side. Mostly we castigate each other just because we belong to one religion. 

Even when it comes to helping one another we refuse to assist just because of the religion mindset and stigmatisation, if God can bless you without looking your religion or your deeds... What more of humans. Some ladies will be ranting "I CAN NEVER MARRY A MUSLIM OR I CAN NEVER MARRY A CHRISTIAN" my sister you have more years to spend at your father's house and sooner or later you will be called BIG AUNTY. 

I believe in this Muslim saying "SEMI ALLAHU LI MANI AMIDA" which means it's only God who knows those worshipping him. 

In summation, our God is a merciful God and God of all religions which I know his major responsibility is to provide for all his creations. 

I believe in God existence, I believe in Olodumare, I believe in prophet Muhammad (SAW), Jesus Christ and all God's prophets. I believe in the Holy Books. I believe in oneness of God. It's when we start overlooking our religion background that's when we can tolerate each other. And the world will be a peaceful world. #I AM NOT AN EXCLUSIVISM. 


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