A Secondary School In Osun Built By Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesol
A Secondary School In Osun Built By Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesol
A lot of opposition members have begun to sing lullabies since the release of state-wide performance in WAEC examination. They have gone to town to paint a pitiable state of affairs, as if during their period of ruins, they have done anything near what we have now.

For the sake of posterity, it is pertinent to set the record straight and put a lie to such odious claims.

Those who say Osun is declining are not being honest. The following data will put a lie to the unfounded allegation of detractors that the performance of pupils has gone down under Aregbesola's watch.

In 2007, the state government put forward 36,171 candidates for WAEC examination out of which 2,483 representing 6.86 per cent had credit pass in five subjects, including English and Mathematics.
“In 2008, it was 37,715 candidates with 3,813 pass, representing 10.11 per cent. In 2009 it was 39,676 candidates, with 5,545 pass, representing 13.98 per cent. In 2010 it was 43,216 candidates, with 6,777 passed, representing 15.68 per cent. This four years gave us an average of 15.68 per cent.

“However, Governor Rauf Aregbesola's administration started sponsoring candidates for WAEC in 2011. That year, government fielded 53,293 candidates, had 11672 pass, representing 21.98 per cent. In 2012, fielded 51,463 out of which 11,431 passed, representing 22.21 per cent. In 2013, also Govt. fielded 47,013 candidates, recorded 9,301 pass, representing 19.78 per cent.

“In 2014, government sponsored 47,672 candidates, 9316 of them passed, representing 19.54 per cent. The average performance for our first four years was 20.88 per cent. Compared with the average performance (13.26 per cent) of the three years that preceded us, the percentage improvement in performance during our tenure is a huge 57.46 per cent”.

Source: Osun State Ministry of Education.

Next time, when you cry of low performance, check where we are coming from.


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