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A very prominent chieftain and former National Chairman of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Ahmadu Ali has opined that the incumbent, President Muhammadu Buhari will win massively should he recontest in 2019.

Ahmadu Ali in a recent interview with the Daily Sun said President Buhari will definitely as his performance will earn him the reelection.

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As things stand now, do you see the PDP recapturing power in 2019?

By the grace of God, I see it as a contending force for power in 2019.
I am not a prophet, so I cannot prophesy whether they will win or not.

Why do you say so?

Because Buhari’s performance that you are criticizing now, give him another year you will be singing his praise and as far as Nigeria is concerned they have forgotten the past, they will vote for him unless he is not standing. If Buhari is standing in 2019, people will vote for him.

Is it because of performance or the character of Nigerians, because everywhere now they are shouting?

Initially, in order to get something good, you have to do a radical surgery, that radical surgery the pain is what we are suffering from; I am telling you when the pains heal and we start enjoying the surgery that was put in place, we will be ready to vote again if it is the same Buhari because they will say if things go wrong, he knows how to fix it.

That means PDP doesn’t stand a chance in 2019?

It doesn’t follow, if he continues to perform well and he wants to come back then we have a problem to contend with but that doesn’t mean we cannot defeat him after all he defeated us so we should be able to defeat him. But what we are saying is that the PDP has got a strong chance if they can stop the present fracas.

Ahmadu Ali is a retired Army Colonel, a physician and politician. In 1973, he became the first Director-General of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), a position he held until 1975 when he was appointed Minister of Education, during which he was nicknamed ‘Ali Must Go’ on account of a nationwide students protest. He served also as Chairman of the PDP National Working Committee (NWC) from 2005 to 2007. By the time he finished his assignment as head of ‘africa’s largest party’, the Kogi State-born politician had acquired another controversial alias; the ‘Garrison Commander.’ In the last general elections, he was the Director-General of the Goodluck Jonathan/Mohammed Sambo Presidential Campaign Organisation, which saw the PDP out of power, after a 16-year rule.

Even under the current PDP crisis, his wife, Mrs. Ali is a chieftain of the Ali Modu Sherrif-led PDP faction while he remains with the Ahmed Makarfi faction.

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