Muiz Banire
Mr. Muiz Banire, the Legal Adviser of the ruling All Progressives Congres, APC has cleared the air on the purported N500,000 he allegedly sent to James Agbadu-Fishim of the Industrial Court, stating that the money he sent was a mere fulfillment of an assistance requested from the judge

News Punch has earlier culled a report from Sahara reporters where Banire was accused of crediting the indicted judge with N500,000.

According to a statement credited to the APC Legal Adviser, Banire, he explained that he had never met the judge in question for the last 17 years.

"Thank you for clarification sought. I have no official relationship with the said judge", Banire said in the statement

"I have never appeared before him in any matter and in fact, in my entire professional career. I have only recently, about month ago, appeared at the National Industrial Court for the first time before a different judge. I had never done a case in that court until recently."

"The particular judge in question is an old friend in the 90's who only called me up some years back to seek financial assistance due to his mother's death. Beyond that, I have not seen him in the last almost seventeen years."

"Up till this moment, I am yet to be invited on the issue by EFCC. Thank you" Banire concluded


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