Fayose Tinubu Kayode fayemi
The narratives are fast changing in Ondo politics. Because, some guys were desperate to have a bite in the resources of the state, they raised army of cyber rodents to demolish a political party Asiwaju Bola Tinubu built in conjunction with his allies across the Niger, using Tinubu's name as justification for pulling the same party down; all because they want to brighten their opportunism at the other side.

Suddenly, Ayo Fayose of Ekitit state who is perceived as tormentor in chief of the same party in his state has become a Darling hero whose statement is now used as reference quote. And the governors of the Tinubu's party in the South West are patiently waiting to mock their candidate when the election result is out, and their aloofness has exposed their vulnerability.

Fayemi, a Minister from the South West is being attacked from all cylinders because he chooses to be a party man. What an irony!

The implication of this scenario is, South West may soon become a pawn in the national politics, and Tinubu who is pacing to octogenarian club would be held for causing the distrust. At that point, the narrative would be twisted and those who are using personal ambition to drag his name would have expired. Somebody should please tell why some people are hell bent in reducing Tinubu, a national pilirical legend to regional champion after his undisputed feat? Who will save this Emperor from the conspiracy theories of his "army"? 

Lord, I bow and tremble .


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