Oba Rilwan Akiolu
The Oba of Lagos, Oba Rilwan Akiolu, has claimed that Lagos State is not part of Yoruba land.

Akiolu’s statement is coming barely a week after he publicly humiliated the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi at an event.

In a statement from Akiolu’s palace, the monarch traced the historical background of the state and why it should not be regarded as part of Yoruba land.

The statement reads: “Coming from the palace, with what I was told by my late paternal grandmother who is a descendant of Oba Ovonramwen Nogbaisi and also reading from factual Historical books, let me share this Knowledge with you all on Eko/Lagos.

“Modern day Lagos was founded by Prince Ado, the son of the Oba of Benin, Prince Ado was the first Oba of Lagos, the son of the Bini King, Prince Ado, named the town Eko until the Portuguese explorer Ruy de Segueira changed the Maritime town to Lagos, which at that time from 1942 was Portuguese expedition center down the African Coast.

“It was a major centre of the slave trade until 1851. Lagos was annexed by Britain via the Lagos treaty of cession in 1861, ending the consular period and starting the British Colonial Period. The remainder of modern day Nigeria was seized in 1886 when the Colony and Protectorate of Nigeria was established in 1914 Lagos was declared its capital due to the struggle of the Bini King.

“Lagos experienced growth prior to the British Colonial rule and even more rapid growth during the Colonial rule throughout the 1960s, 70s, continued through the 80s and 90s till date. Thanks to the Awori’s, Bini’s, Yoruba’s, migrants across the nation and world at large, as no particular group of people can take the glory alone.

“Lagos is made up of Lagoons and creeks. The Lagos lagoon, Lagos Harbour, five cowne creeks, Ebute-Metta creeks, Porto-Novo creeks, New canal, Badagry creeks, Kuramo waters and Light house creeks.

“The Awori’s and Bini’s are known to be the first settlers of the Eko land. The Awori’s are speakers of a distinct dialect close to that of the Yoruba language with a rich Bini mixture. Traditionally, Awori’s were found in Ile-Ife, they were known to be the Bini’s who followed their self-exiled Prince, the first son of the Ogiso (now called Oba) of Benin Kingdom, whose step-mother was after his head.

“The exiled Benin Prince Izoduwa known to the Yorubas as Ooduwa (Oduduwa) was made ruler of the Ife people due to his powers and followers from the Great Benin-Kingdom.

“Izoduwa (Ooduwa) was made the first King of Ile-Ife in 1230 AD. His followers from his father’s Kingdom in Benin are the today’s Awori people who settled in Eko now called Lagos.

“In the 1300, the King of Benin-Empire heard from one of his traders who was a settler in Eko on how the Bini’s were treated by the Awori’s who lived in their area. Upon hearing this, the King of Benin commanded the assembling of a war expedition, led by his son, Prince Ado, which headed the settlement of the Awori’s and demanded explanation.

“On arriving Eko, Prince Ado and his Army were more than received. The Aworis asked the Bini Prince to stay and become their leader. Ado agreed on the condition that they surrender their sovereignty to the Oba of Benin, to which the people agreed. Hearing this, the King of Benin gave his permission for Prince Ado and the expedition to remain in Eko.

“The Oba of Benin sent some of his chiefs including the Eletu, Odibo, Obanikoro and others to assist his son, Oba Ado in the running of Eko.

“From the crowing of Prince Ado as the first Oba of Lagos (then called Eko), Lagos served as a major center for slave trade from which the Aworis, the Oba of Benin and his son the Oba of Lagos and all the children/descendants who took over as his successors for over four centuries supported the trade.

“The Oba of Benin was the head of the Benin Empire which are the present day Western, Southern and Eastern modern day Nigeria. The King never obliged anyone to speak the Bini language as he believed everyone was entitled to their own choice of language.

“The name Eko was given to it by the first king of Lagos, Oba Ado, the young and vibrant Prince from Benin. Eko was the land now known as Lagos Island, where the king palace was built.

“The palace is called Idugaran meaning “palace built on pepper farm” Oba Ado and the warriors from Benin together with the early Bini’s settlers in Eko and the Awori people settled in the southern part of Eko called “Isale Eko”. “Isale literally means bottom “. Must have been used to indicate downtown (as in down town Lagos)

“Until the coming in of the Benin’s 1300AD , Lagos geographical boundary was Lagos mainland, Lagos Island, the seat of the Oba of Lagos then consisted of a pepper farm and fishing post. No one was living there.

“About 1450 AD some Yorubas who hailed from Isheri in Ogun-state and Ekiti were allowed by the King to settle in Eko during a war, they came in a very large numbers thereby surpassing the numbers of the Awori’s and Bini’s. (Hence Yorubas claim to own Eko due to their numbers).

“Oba Ado fell in love with a beautiful woman whose father was Awori and mother a daughter to one of the chief; they had two sons and also a daughter Erelu Kuti, who begot Ologun Kutere who later became King.”


  1. I hard about this before from a Benin man

  2. The Lagos Obas should summon an urgent meeting of the Council of Traditional Rulers in Lagos State and make a public statement to correct this immediately. They must also caution the Oba of Lagos. Lagos is for the Yorubas. He is out of order with his conduct and impulsive utterances. Lagosians should speak up as well. There are a few NGOs run by Lagos indigenes that can take up the matter. I wish you the best of luck.

  3. Is there no Oba that can call this man to order? Please Kabiyesi Oba Ojora do not be silent. We trust in your courage and royalty. We respect you. Kabiyesi Onisola, Oba Awon’s, please speak out and warn this man in your meeting of traditional rulers.
    He is a nuisance as a King and will bring all of you to discreet if you do not take measures to caution and sanction this loose cannon.

  4. This Oba has no fear of God. Even if he was paid to talk rubbish, does he not realize he is sitting on a keg of gunpowder? Is he challenging the Yoruba’s now? This man has no sense at all. The person who asked him to help him conquer Lagos is hiding and he is the one coming out onto the line of fire. How stupid.

  5. Akiolu is quoting history books – Is he a historic scholar?
    Does he understand the implication of what he is saying?
    Is he the first person to read those history books?
    Those who are more knowledgeable than himself have read it, so what is his agenda? He is a cunning crafty box and will soon be exposed. Himself and his cohorts and their agenda.
    God will arrest them.

  6. I agree. Please where is Prof. Tayo Adeyemi? Please if you read this Prof. come to our assistance. We need your help. This Akiolu is threatening our existence and the very fabric of our heritage. If Lagos is not Yoruba land then what is it? Federal Territory? God punish you Akiolu and all your children. You will never progress in Lagos. You will die in shame.

  7. Akiolu does not understand the use and application of history.
    Does he know where the Bini’s came from? Did they drop from the sky? If he has any sense, he would go and trace the history of those he wants to use to justify his claim that Lagos is not for the Yorubas.
    Maybe he has a Benin woman that is driving him crazy.
    The man is not to be taken seriously. Lagosians should disgrace him anywhere at any time. A Yoruba King? He is a bastard!

  8. Akiolu has just demonstrated his shallowness. It shows he was not intelligent in school. An empty head who cheated in exams. He has a complex and wants to show that he can read history books. Unfortunately, he does not understand what he has read to appreciate how this relates to present day Lagos. He is mumu. A pretender to the throne.

  9. Correct. They say show me your friends and it will show who you are! Their evil agenda will fail. God is greater than any man and Allah is the greatest judge. If Allah wants to stop Akiolu and his paymaster, it is only 2 seconds that is over and that is over. Only two seconds and not even minutes. So let us pray to Allah to deliver us and Lagos from the hands of these evil duo.
    Please all Lagosians reading this and Nigerians with a social conscience and human feelings sympathetic with our cause – use Ramadan to pray for us in Lagos to be saved from the paymaster general and the Evil King who want to conquer our land in the millennium.

  10. Gbosa Gbosa Gbosa! Well articulated. So what is the solution?
    They say Lagos is no man’s land, yet we all know that Lagos has a history. History did not say Lagos is not a Yoruba land. This man is treading on a dangerous land and if care is not taken, he will be consumed in the fire he has lit.
    What is his point and what is all this about?
    We understand his paymaster may be may be giving him instructions under the influence of narcotics but can he not reason before opening his big mouth? Or maybe he too is taking narcotics. That is most probably the case because birds of the same feather flock together.

  11. I think you guys don’t understand. Akiolu is being used by his pay master General of Iragbiji Kingdom whose dream and aspiration is to rob the people of Lagos any right to their land so that he can be conquer Lagos as an annexe to Iragbiji. Since his paymaster has stolen all the money meant for Lagosians and the development of Lagos, he is armed economically to perform major feats, suppress dissenting voices, oppress opposing views, frustrate independent minds and liberal thinkers, blackmail opinion moulders, bribe established institutions, kill those who stand in his way to ensure that his imperialist project to take over the heart and soul of Lagos succeeds!

  12. I remember Oba Oyekan of blessed memory. That was a true royalty. Born and Bred Royalty. It reflected in every utterance and action. He was a good man role model for the Kingship. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Amen. I am sure he is turning in his grave and his spirit & soul are restless with the disgrace this foolish man is bringing to the stool of the Oba of Lagos.

  13. I agree O! In fact, the man must be investigated. He has disgraced the stool of the Oba and revered position of a King.
    The man is a fraudster masquerading as royalty. 419 in capitals! Why is he always at the eye of the storm? Can he not respect the stool of the Oba of Lagos?

  14. True, I remember during the 2015 election what the foolish Oba caused with the Igbos. He was doing deals and got caught in his own trap stupidly. How can a King descend so low to such a level for deals? He used to fly to Aso Rock to see Jonathan and collect millions of dollars promising Jonathan all sorts. We have evidence. If only Magu can be compelled by the court to investigate him. Akiolu must be investigated by the EFCC. He is the most corrupt King Nigeria has ever witnessed.

  15. You are correct. This man is not supposed to be king.
    I think his benefactor. Jagaban Ojuyobo II of Iragbiji aka Grand Monkey of Banana Island Republic was the one that imposed him on Lagosians and both of them will go down in history in shame. Nobody does evil and prosper. Prosper financially but lose out at the end shamefully.

  16. No no no. People have forgotten that the Oracle did not select him as King. He is not supposed to be King. He will be disgraced on the throne because it is not for him. His hands are now clean in his predecessor’s death so he will confess before he dies. Lagos has not known peace since he ascended the throne. One problem after the other, fights, deaths, murders, youth restlessless.

  17. After humiliating the Ooni of Ife, it is obvious that the Yoruba ancestral gods are angry with him now because who the gods want to kill they first make mad. This man is obviously suffering from symptoms of psychosis. They should forget he is an Oba and take him discreet neuro psychiatric treatment. He is not normal. The curse of the Ife ancestry has affected him. They should investigate well if his mother or fatherland did not suffer from mental illness.

  18. This man is a troublemaker. Does he not have children? Can they not advise him? He is always full of controversies. Who the hell is he to say Lagos is not part of Yoruba land? He is now playing the script he was recruited to play.
    Useless man. Oba my foot! I have no respect for him.

  19. This Oba is a disgrace to Royalty. Anyway, it is not his fault. When they install a corrupt policeman as a King to use him for a selfish agenda because he has some royal lineage, it results in careless senseless reasoning and talk.


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