Austin Okai
A high powered petition has been drafted by the PDP national youth frontiers to the relevant security agencies,Prison service alerting them of the underhand deal orchestrated by the kogi state government to keep the social crusader,Austin okai behind bars one week after a bail was secured and condition met

A statement signed on behalf of PDP youths and PDP social media strategy platform reminded the general public as regulator of law making and government of kogi under the guise of processing the document has compromised the integrity of both the court and the entire system  

According to Ubale jinjir,it portends great danger to the integrity of governance and democratic practice of the continued  scuttl‎e of the release of the peoples voice even after meeting the bail conditions

He urged stakeholders of kogi project to stand out to this anomaly of Governor Bello who along with his cohorts have reduced ‎the state to criminal den and mere police state were innocent people clamouring for the rights of its citizenry are hauled into detention camps and police custody 

PDP youth frontiers said the body will not partake in the governors attitude of taking laws into his hands basically on his ultravires disposition to silence people against his maladministration hence adopting the civil approach

Jinjir stated the confirmation of the kogi government anti people's policies was buttressed when the COS to the governor confirmed the present administration arrears of salaries to civil servants stood at 12 months

The spokesman urgeed the governor to change his styles of ‎government as divide and rule system had made his regime unpopular in recent time,saying it is inimical to the tenets of democracy

According to the media officer,the group will explore all necessary and civil avenue to regain the freedom of the social crusader deliberately scuttled by the state governor and it's agents,saying the action has made the young lad more popular than his personality and administration


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