5 Dental Care Tips for Braces

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Congratulations! You are now taking a very important step into caring for your teeth. Taking care of your braces and the teeth behind the braces is essential to your oral health. In addition to having regular visits to your dentist, here we have a few tips for you to keep in mind while caring for your teeth while you are wearing braces.

1) Floss regularly.

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Threader floss is an easy solution to flossing with braces on. It goes underneath the wires and right to the tooth so you can floss each one as normal. Flossing can be more time consuming now, but it’s an essential part to make sure your teeth and gums remain healthy.

2) Purchase a water flosser.

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Consider purchasing something like WaterPik. This is essentially a water flosser that gets the food particles out of your teeth. While this shouldn’t replace your regular flossing habit, it’s a great tool to combine with your regular flossing habits.

3) Brush regularly.

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This probably goes without saying but make sure you brush regularly. After you eat and after you drink liquids that are likely to stain your teeth, brush with a soft toothbrush  and clean each tooth individually. Consider purchasing an electric toothbrush which does a better job of getting out plaque and stains (and better yet, get one that is on a three minute timer that will turn off when you are done).

4) Take your dental care habits with you.

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Whether you are going to work or school, take floss, a toothbrush, some mouth wash and some over the counter pain meds with you. This is especially important for between meals because you will want to catch any of the food in your teeth before anyone else does.

5) Protect your braces.

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If you are active and you wear braces (or your child is) make sure you wear a mouthguard to protect your braces. Getting hit in the face can cause damage to your teeth and gums if any of the wires come loose.  Ask your dentist about mouthguards right for your teeth.
Hopefully with these tips you will be on the right path to care for your teeth.