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5 Tips for Making Moving Easier

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Moving any time soon? Whether you are using a mover or moving yourself, packing up your home and moving isn’t an easy process for anyone. There are some tactics to remember that can make the process easier, though. So here we have five tips for making your move a lot easier this time around.


1) Get a planner.

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The best thing you can do for your move is to buy a planner and start making a list of dates, to-do’s, and everything you need to remember in time for the move. This is also a great place to put all the contact information for your utilities you need transferred, mail forwarding information, and mover contact info. Getting organized makes the entire process easier and you are less likely to forget or lose track of anything.


2) Donate, toss, and sell.

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Moving is a fantastic time to figure out what you don’t need anymore. For the items that you can sell, considering doing a moving sale. This brings in extra income for the move and gets rid of unwanted items. Donate the rest and be sure to toss the things you cannot sell. Remember, the fewer objects you have to move, the easier it is.



3) Pack things by room.

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You’ll want to label boxes, but also be sure to pack things by room. Write on the boxes where the items will go. This will make it easier on the movers as well as on yourself, especially when you unpack. Also be sure to pack electronics and their cords together. Put cords in plastic bags and tape them to the electronic it goes with, so you don’t lose track of what goes where.



4) Pack a box with your “must have” items.

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One excellent tip is to pack a box filled with items you will need for your first night in your new home. It could include toiletries, linen, blankets, pajamas, kitchen items, and anything you can think of that you will need that first night. Make sure to label the box clearly so it’s easy to spot when you unpack. This saves your stress levels when you get everything moved and have to start unpacking.





5) Photograph furniture and electronic hookups.

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If you have to take apart or unplug anything in the move, whether it’s furniture or electronics, make sure you photograph what it looks like beforehand. This can save you time and energy in the unpacking. Also, again make sure to keep the cords and pieces all together as much as you can.

Moving is not an easy process in general, but it can be easier. Hopefully with these tips in mind, your stress levels will be significantly reduced.