Army Major, Captain, 2 Policemen, 26 Others Arrested For Leaking Information To B'Haram Terrorists
The Nigerian Army is holding two officers – a major and a captain – in connection with alleged sabotage of the ongoing counter-terrorism operations in the North-East.

A military source said on Wednesday that the Army authorities were intensifying efforts to rid the service of saboteurs in the ongoing counter-terrorism operations.

It was gathered that the Army commenced a painstaking but discreet investigations into the activities of some of its personnel following the Boko Haram attack on troops’ location in Gashigar, on October 22, 2016.

The Acting Director, Army Public Relations, Col. Sani Usman, had said in a statement on Saturday that 13 soldiers were wounded during a surprise Boko Haram attack on troops at Gashigar in the north of Borno State.

Usman had stated that some soldiers were missing after the attack.

The statement did not give the exact number of those missing during the Gashigar attack.

It was learnt that both President Mohammadu Buhari and the Chief of Army Staff Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai, were alarmed by the Gashigar attack, which involved an entire unit.

It was gathered that the Army authorities decided to conduct a discreet investigation into the telephone conversation of some of the security personnel and their civilian counterparts and uncovered some suspicious activities through the screening.

A military source said on Wednesday that the Army was intensifying investigation to unravel two established cases against the arrested suspects, which were the leakage of information on troops’ movement to the insurgents and the raising of funds to finance Boko Haram operations through cattle rustling.

The source added, “The President was furious and discussed  the matter with the COAS when some of the heads of that units were ambushed by the Boko Haram.

“The Army leadership took out time to screen the communications lines of the officers for several days without making it known.

“The suspicion was that they have links with some civilians and the links were traced. They are giving them vital information concerning the movement of soldiers.

“How come that the Borno State Governor and other officials have not been attacked, yet they ambushed the Chief of Army Staff. They have not attacked civilians but they attacked the COAS.”

When our correspondent contacted the Acting Army spokesman, he said investigation into the matter was ongoing.

He added that the Army would not release information on the matter in view of the fact that there was an ongoing planned rescue operation in the area.

He said, “Investigation is ongoing and once we conclude, the suspects would be arraigned before a court of competent jurisdiction.”

Usman, who denied reports that 83 soldiers were missing in action, said the military did not lose any soldier to the Gashigar attack.

He, however, stated that the military suspects would be subject to military laws in accordance with the law.

Usman had said in a statement on Tuesday that a total of 32 persons, comprising two military officers, two soldiers, two policemen and 26 civilians were in custody for allegedly sabotaging the ongoing operations.

Nigerian governors
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This year has generally been a challenging one for Nigerians across all social strata, even the rich that hitherto seem to be immune from the woes of the land are not exempted this time around.

It was widely reported in many of our dailies that even the “Almighty” Dangote sacked en mass in some of his factories due to the economic conditions in the country. 

Several banks, manufacturing industries, hospitality companies etc. have embarked on several drastic measures to keep their operations afloat.

The naira has encountered the worst form of instability since it came into existence, moving from as low as 199 naira to the US dollar in May 2015 to as high as 500naira to the US Dollar by July 2016. 

Oil prices have plummeted to their lowest in more than a decade, Government revenues have equally sunk to their lowest in decades. 

In the midst of this sustained hardship citizens have had to endure unbelievable inflation in the prices of foodstuff, groceries and other daily needs. Pump price of petrol have gone up more than 80%. The level of pain out there is glaring.

The federal government recently just admitted that we are in a recession, even though it assured that this recession will be a very short one as the economy is set to bounce out of it very soon.

Due to this very unfavorable situation, Civil rights groups as well as other well-meaning Nigerians have continued to mount pressure on the Buhari led government to act decisively and swiftly in implementing measures that can save the situation. In response, the Federal government has rolled out a few welfare/palliative programs of domestic spending to help cushion the effect of the current hardship being witnessed across the country.

In all of this there is a particular group that we may have forgotten, that I want to bring to our memory now, This group, no doubt, in my opinion, contributed a lot more than any other group to where we are today and this same group can make a difference quicker than any other, if only they do their part diligently and faithfully.

This group is no other but the State governors, yes! State governors, had they been a little more forthcoming in the delivery of their mandate to the people the situation will be nowhere near this bad.
At the moment the spotlight is on the federal government, this is very good. However ,it should not be at the expense of letting the state governors off the hook.

Over 95% of Nigerians reside in one of the 36 states of the federation. States and local governments take over 43% of our total earnings, as much as some people may what to argue that this percentage is not enough the question though remains what have they done with this 43% to better the lives of the people?

The challenge though is that, many in the current crop of state governors do not appear to be such that can provide leadership at this critical time.

We may have forgotten history so very soon, there was a crop of state governors in this country who didn’t have the luxury of receiving huge funds from the federal government as federal allocations yet they carried out massive projects that still endured till this present day.

In the days when we had the likes of Lateef Jakande , Adekunle Ajasin, Ambrose alli, Sam Mbakwe, Shehu Kangiwa. Governance at the state level was on another dimension, those were Glory days when state governments built schools and hospitals that could rival those of the federal government in standard and size.

State government built industries and businesses that were well managed and generated revenue into the state coffers, most state governments then offered free quality education.

Yet in all of this workers were not owed salaries. Today it is a different ball game entirely, all such industries created by these set of governors have been sold off, schools and hospitals built then have dilapidated due to lack of maintenance. The few new ones built are heavily inflated yet very substandard work.

All we see in this set of governors are the palatial state houses across the 36 states, convoy of SUVs trailing them junketing from country to country in the name of finding foreign investors that are not lost.

The set of former governors I mentioned earlier did not need to travel anywhere to seek foreign investors before they industrialized their various states, These new groups have traveled so much that some of them practically spend more time outside of their state than in the states they govern. Some even acquired private jets from the states resources to further increase their junketing spree. 

Bottom line of my position is this; we need to hold our governors accountable, they control so much and can make so much happen, but only if they manage the resources of the states judiciously. 

Read recently that 19 northern state governors traveled to Washington for a summit on security, it is commendable that they are trying to find solution to our security problems but trust me the solutions to our security problems cannot be found only in Washington.

Can you imagine the toll on our economy the bill of 19 governors with their aides and probably spouses on this already fragile economy, some of these governors are owing workers salary for upward of more than six months. I challenge any of the governors who made this trip to show how much this trip cost his state in US Dollars and let s convert to naira and see how many more workers could have been paid.

These are really challenging times for Nigeria and Nigerians generally can any governor come forward and tell us in specific terms the luxuries and entitlements he has denied himself during this time of recession to allow for the catering of the welfare of the citizens of his state.

Without turning the spotlight on state governors very little progress will be made. It is plain wicked for any governor to embark on any foreign trip if he has any outstanding salary to pay. It is demonic for governors to continue to enjoy undisclosed security votes monthly uninterrupted, yet owe salaries and pensions for months.

Several state governments were given bailouts recently to pay salaries yet what we hear is that rather than pay the backlog of salaries owed, many of the governors diverted the monies into other stuff leaving the impoverished civil servant unpaid for months, what else is evil if not this. 

There’s so much noise about this current hardship but if we look within, we will discover that the part that state governors contribute to this is huge.

Let us as citizens be very vigilant, it is very okay to keep a watch on the federal government but in my most honest opinion it will do us more good if we all turn the spotlight on our various state governors.

Ibekwe a public affairs commentator writes from Enugu, Enugu State.

Trump and Clinton
Donald Trump has warned of a World War if Hillary Clinton is elected as president and her policies on ISIS, and the Syrian conflicts are implemented.

Democratic Party U.S Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton revealed during the last presidential election debate that the U.S will create no-fly zones in Syrian airspace in order to combat ISIS and also allow for peace and normality to return to the already war-torn Syria and it's citizens. 

If a no-fly zone is implemented by the U.S on Syrian airspace and a Russian jet flies on the airspace, the U.S have the right to shoot it down, a move that could cause war between both nations and Trump on Tuesday warned that Hillary Clinton would surely cause a World War III if elected as president.

"What we should do is focus on ISIS. We should not be focusing on Syria," Trump told Reuters on Tuesday morning at his resort in Doral, Florida. 

"You're going to end up in World War III over Syria if we listen to Hillary Clinton."

"You're not fighting Syria anymore, you're fighting Syria, Russia and Iran, all right? Russia is a nuclear country, but a country where the nukes work as opposed to other countries that talk," he said.

Trump also said Clinton's claim that he was Putin's 'puppet' in the last presidential election debate was a very naive one because anyone who becomes president will have to negotiate with Russia's president Putin in order to have World peace, but how do you do that 'when you've painted him badly?

"How is she going to go back and negotiate with this man who she has made to be so evil."

Mr Trump's warning of confrontation with Russia echoes concerns raised last month at a congressional hearing by the highest-ranking military officer in the US military.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Marine Gen Joseph Dunford told lawmakers a "no-fly zone" in Syria could spell war with Russia.

"Right now, senator, for us to control all of the airspace in Syria it would require us to go to war, against Syria and Russia," Gen Dunford told the Senate Arms Services Committee.

"That's a pretty fundamental decision that certainly I'm not going to make."

The Clinton campaign on Tuesday evening pushed back against Trump's 'World War III rhetoric.
"National security experts on both sides of the aisle have denounced Donald Trump as dangerously ill-prepared and temperamentally unfit to serve as commander-in-chief," Clinton spokesman Jesse Lehrich said. "Once again, he is parroting Putin's talking points and playing to Americans' fears, all while refusing to lay out any plans of his own for defeating ISIS or alleviating humanitarian suffering in Syria. Moreover, this incendiary attack is aimed at a policy that his own running mate, Mike Pence, strongly supports."

Trump also said that the election can't be lost to Hillary if the Republican party had unity.

"If we had party unity, we couldn't lose this election to Hillary Clinton," he told Reuters.

"The people are very angry with the leadership of this party, because this is an election that we will win 100% if we had support from the top," he said. 

"I think we're going to win it anyway."

Excerpted from LIB

ICPC Ekpo Nta
President Muhammadu may have sacked the Chairman of the Independent Corrupt Practices and other related offences Commission (ICPC), Ekpo Nta, as he has been ordered to go on COMPULSORY leave, report according to Vanguard News suggests

Insiders said the order for Nta to proceed on compulsory leave can only mean his sack by President Muhammadu Buhari.

According to Vanguard Newspaper,  a letter from the office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Babachir Lawal, informed Nta that he should proceed on compulsory leave beginning from October 26.

The source told Vanguard that the Chairman had earlier received two letters from the office of the SGF informing him to proceed on compulsory leave, which he allegedly ignored.

Nta was appointed by President Jonathan in acting capacity in 2011 and was confirmed a year after by the Senate.

Vanguard said it gathered that at a meeting with President Buhari earlier this year, Nta had argued that his tenure would end on November 17, 2017, to which the President allegedly retorted that by his records, the tenure of the ICPC head ends on November 17, 2016.

Vanguard said it learned that the Chairman plans to formally inform staff of the commission about his formal exit on Wednesday morning (today).

Although no reason was given for the abrupt sack of the ICPC boss, Vanguard said it gathered that his handling of corruption cases against former governors may have nailed him.

President Jonathan and Obanikoro
Report according to Post Nigeria suggests that there are strong indications that the Federal Government may have concluded plans to invite former President, Goodluck Jonathan, to come and answer some of the issues raised by the former Minister of State for Defence, Musiliu Obanikoro, in his latest confession, over the controversial arms deal scandal.

Obanikoro’s return to Nigeria from the United States of America, USA, to ‘willingly’ surrender to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, has further indicted Jonathan, and the Ekiti State Governor, Ayo Fayose, in the arms deal scandal.

Obanikoro, who was a Minister during the administration of Jonathan, was accused of being involved in the infamous arms scam, as N4.75 billion slush funds, was reportedly traced to his bank account.
His visit to the EFCC, was considered a surprise, as he had earlier vowed not to return to Nigeria, and also dared President Muhammadu Buhari, to extradite him from the US.

According to the statement made to the EFCC, Obanikoro said N4.745 billion was wired to a company named Sylva Mcnamara, within a period of seven months, in 2014. He revealed that N2.23 billion was transferred to Fayose, out of the slush funds, which were endorsed by Jonathan.
“The EFCC will seek for the permission of President Buhari, to invite his predecessor, Jonathan, to come and clarify some of these allegations. We need to put the matter to rest. We pray that Buhari will concede to our request,” a high profile source in the EFCC said
Reacting, Professor Fidelis Oditah, SAN, said, “Does he (Jonathan) have immunity? Is he not a Nigerian? Everybody is equal before the law. He should be questioned. Many leaders in Africa have gone to jail for corruption. We should avail ourselves the opportunity to combat corruption, by showing people they won’t get off scot-free, when they leave office, having plundered the State.”
He added: “There is nothing political about it. If I steal money, won’t I be investigated? Won’t the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission invite me? Is that political? Why should politicians be provided with a life-long immunity from being probed? If he (Jonathan) is probed, some people will say the past President’s can of worm is opened. That is the problem we have in this country. We must make it clear to everyone, that no one is above the law. At some point, you must be held accountable for your stewardship. I don’t think quizzing Jonathan, has anything to do with politics. It is about cleaning the system, and enforcing our laws.”
Also Speaking, Femi Aina (a Lawyer), corroborated what Fidelis said:  “the onus is on the EFCC, to go where evidence takes them, as an investigating agency. However, care should be taken, because it is normal for an accused person to blame someone else for their criminal conduct.
”The responsibility for the security vote, lies with the former President (Goodluck Jonathan), as the Commander-in-Chief; as such, there is nothing wrong if he is invited to provide clarification on some of the issues raised by (Musiliu) Obanikoro, and other cabinet members.
“The EFCC needs to move promptly, to interview the former President, to tell Nigerians the exact order or instruction that he gave to a former National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki, or Obanikoro, so that the matters could move to court as soon as possible, because any further delay would erode public confidence, if it is not already eroded.”
On the contrary, Dr. Konyinsola Ajayi, SAN, stated: 
“I don’t think former President Goodluck Jonathan, should be probed by the EFCC, because there is no reason for that yet. If any of his Ministers have been found culpable of corruption, then they should be probed and prosecuted by the EFCC. But since there is nothing linking Jonathan, I will not agree that he should be probed.”


Reuben Abati
A former media aide to President Goodluck Jonathan, Mr. Reuben Abati reportedly confessed the embattled National Security Adviser, Colonel Sambo Dasuki dashed him the sum N50 million as a gift for Christmas and Sallah celebration, should tweet by Sahara Reporters is reliable. 

 The renown online platform in a tweet disclosed that Abati had confessed to the Nigeria antigraft agency, the EFCC. 

 The Tweet read:

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