Muhammadu Buhari and AishaThe much ado about the secrecy surrounding the true health condition of President Muhammadu Buhari in the United Kingdom day in and out become more worrisome as a Guardian Newspaper journalist narrates his experience in his bid to engage the said 'hale and hearty' President in an interview.

The Guardian Newspaper in a fresh publication, titled "The London Police Called To Arrest The Guardian Reporter Over Buhari" narrates the ordeals of the journalist in the hand of Security personnel guiding the President. He narrated the extreme secrecy hostility mete out on him at the Abuja House in London

below is the Guardian Newspaper's account of the story:

Security staff at the Abuja House in London yesterday called in policemen to arrest a correspondent of The Guardian who was on the premises to see President Muhammadu Buhari and possibly interview him.

When the correspondent told a member of staff at the Abuja House, the official residence of the Nigerian High commissioner to the United Kingdom, yesterday afternoon that he had come to see the president, he replied: “As far as I’m concerned, he’s not here.”

At 2:50 p.m., when a black Mercedes jeep arrived, the occupant sitting by the driver rolled down the glass and asked the The Guardian correspondent, “why are you here?” “When I told him that l was a reporter with The Guardian and l had come to see if the president was there and to interview him, he looked quite irritated and replied angrily: ‘he’s not here, you can’t see anybody here.’ “

In an extraordinary move, two police officers, Constables Marlett and Stock, were called in by the security staff at the Abuja House to arrest the reporter. When both arrived on their motorcycles, they took the reporter’s name and date of birth and subsequently made a check on the national database, before staying around for about 20 minutes and then left.
Prior to that, the security staff threatened the reporter with the police when he called at the Kensington residence to interview President Buhari about his continued stay in the UK.

A few minutes after The Guardian arrived at the Abuja House, just after 1:00 p.m., wanting to speak to the high commissioner, the reporter was directed to go to the Embassy- Nigerian House at Northumberland Avenue. “Somebody should be there,” he was told.

Around 1:20 p.m., when a man and a teenage-looking girl wearing glasses pressed the buzzer, a security officer appeared to open the gate for the duo. When asked:”Is that the daughter of the president?” – judging by her resemblance of the First Lady- the security officer replied: “I don’t know.” He then reiterated that the reporter should go to the office at Northumberland Avenue.

When The Guardian pressed the buzzer about five minutes later, the security man sounded angry and threatened to call the police even when the reporter disclosed his identity and said he had come to speak to the president or any member of staff of the residence. “You should realise this is a private place and I will call the police,” he said. When he was immediately corrected and told that the reporter was standing outside in a public place, he then said:” l won’t speak to you again.”

But around 1:40 p.m., when two guests arrived, the reporter shook hand with one of them and asked, “have you come to see Mr. President?” He replied cheerfully, saying “yes”, but he didn’t enter the compound. He left about 15 minutes later.

Another security officer came out shortly after and told the reporter to move away from the main gate. “Excuse me, you can’t just stand here,” he said.

Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki, was also at Abuja House, a strong indication that Buhari may actually be there. At 5:13p.m., Saraki emerged from the house in a black suit, accompanied by a male aide.

“Hello, Senate president, hello Senate president,” The Guardian said to him from outside the gate, before he entered an official car and was driven away. The Guardian's  Newspaper publication ends

Earlier, the Ogun State Governor, Ibikunle Amosun had confirmed he actually visited the President in UK, but said he was not in the best position to reveal the President Health condition. So had his media aides claimed too. 

What is actually wrong with our president is the question on the lips of all Nigerians.

Boko Haram and its Foreign Conspirators, By Bob-Manuel Molokwu
This is not one of the topics I like writing on. However, I am constrained to lend my voice because of the wanton destruction that has taken place in North-eastern Nigeria since 2009. As it stands, the Boko Haram insurgency has claimed over 100,000 lives and succeeded in displacing over two million people from their various homes. On a daily basis, the picture of gloom pervades the North-eastern states of Nigeria. 

In the midst of the confusion, one might want to ask how the Boko Haram group started, who were the leaders, sponsors, and followers. Jama’atul Alhul Sunnah Lidda’watiwal jihad is the name, which translates to “people committed to the propagation of the prophet’s teachings and jihad.” This was way back in 2002 where they operated from Borno and Yobe states. 

But not much was heard about the sect until in 2009 when a discrepancy erupted between them and the law enforcement agents which culminated in the death of its leader, Mohammad Yusuf. Mohammad Yusuf in his teachings had faulted the participation of most leaders of northern states in the affairs of the country. He saw it as an illegitimate, non-Islami and too secular for their “religious inclinations and preached a doctrine of withdrawal, and declared that western education is evil. (Boko Haram). 

And since then, there has been no let back on. The Boko Haram sect grew from strength to strength. And it changed tactics. At some point, it became so sophisticated that it engaged the Nigerian military weapon for weapon. It was even rumored that the Boko Haram sect boost of more advanced weaponry than the Nigerian Military with an unlimited amount of heavy weaponry, vehicles, bombs, and ammunition. 

But how does Boko Haram fund its activities? Where do they acquire such sophisticated military hardware? Who taught them how to operate this military equipment? Who services the equipment? How do they get supplies? These and much more are questions that point to the fact that there are indeed foreign sponsors of the sect against Nigeria for some reasons I will enumerate below. 

As a start, it is evident that there are some foreign conspirators with the Boko Haram sect. And I will start with Nigeria’s French-speaking neighbors Cameroun Niger Republic, Chad Republic, Benin Republic. There are no way supplies would reach Boko Haram fighters without some collaborators from these countries. For example, there are videos posted online that shows Boko Haram fighters maneuvering Armoured Personnel Carriers (APC), freely operating anti-aircraft machine guns, etc. After watching the videos, you might want to ask some pertinent questions. 

The second issue is paying for ransom by the French government in securing the release of its citizens kidnapped. It is estimated that since 2013, Boko Haram was paid N500 million ($3.15 million) to free seven French hostages kidnapped in February 2013. $12 million was also paid to Boko Haram before releasing a French Roman Catholic priest Georges Vandenbeusch captured in November 2013. The Cameroonian authorities also paid Boko Haram insurgents at least $400,000 in ransom to secure the release of Francoise Agnes Mouskouri, wife of Vice Prime Minister Amadou Ali. 
Put together; we are talking about $16 million dollars the Boko Haram sect has received from French authorities in the form of payment for ransom. Is this curious? That is not all; there were also instances where weapons are also delivered to the sect in exchange for hostages. And this has been going on in active collaboration with some elements from neighboring countries. 

In my opinion, the United Nations has to come in by carrying a full-scale investigation into the activities of Boko Haram sect in Nigeria, and especially the involvement of the former French colonies in the whole episode. For some reasons, I suspect foul play in every move of Idriss Deby, the president of Chad in the entire episode. A red flag was raised for me when President Idriss Deby came out to say that the Boko Haram sect now had a new leader sometime in 2015. He specifically said Abubakar Shekau, had been replaced by Mahamat Daoud, and that Mahmat Daoud is open to dialogue. 

From the preceding, it is evident that there are indeed foreign sponsors of the activities of the Boko Haram sect. If I should use the oil deposit in the Lake Chad basis as an example, it might explain the interest of France in ensuring that the Boko Haram crisis continues unabated. For a start, Between 2011 and 2013 the Nigerian government provided $240 million to facilitate oil and gas exploration activities in the Lake Chad Basin and other northern hydrocarbon basins, including the Benue Trough, Bida Basin and the Sokoto-Rima Basin in the north of Nigeria, but terrorism continues to push forward the mission of Nigeria to start drilling for commercial quantities. 

On the other hand, the Boko Haram insurgency has conveniently provided Chad, access to oil under Nigeria’s soils through 3D oil drilling from within its territorial borders. Chad exports to a permanent FPSO –Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading vessel, which can store over 2 million barrels of oil and processed oil shipped through tankers to the international refineries at the Port of Le Havre in France. Does it now make sense why the Boko Haram crisis won’t end anytime soon? 

However, this must stop. The international community, especially the United Nations and the International Criminal Court has to come in because the level of destruction in the Northeast Nigeria is unimaginable. Indeed, our oil has become a curse to us, rather than a blessing. And our neighbors should be good friends if peace must continue to reign in Africa.

Molokwu is a security expert and wrote this piece from Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

Senator Ali Modu Sheriff
A former Borno State Governor, Senator Ali Modu Sheriff support base in the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP continue to widen as 8 governors elected on the platform of the party have pledged their loyalty and support, News Punch has learned 

Adeyanju made the disclosure as the Makarfi-led faction of PDP weighs its options over last Friday’s judgement of the Appeal Court, affirming the leadership of Sheriff.

Alhaji Fatai Adeyanju, the National Auditor of the PDP, yesterday disclosed this at a meeting of Ogun State PDP General Assembly held in Ijebu-Igbo. Adeyanju said members of the party must close ranks to move it forward in the interest of Nigerians. He said the party is greater than any individual, adding that no sacrifice was too much for anybody in order to make the PDP work. this while urging members to sheathe their swords and embrace the court ruling.

The national officer, who belongs to the Sheriff faction, stated that in realisation of the need to strengthen and reposition the PDP, eight governors in the party have already opened negotiations with the former Borno State Governor.

Adeyanju dismissed the statements credited to the Chairman of PDP Governors’ Forum and Ekiti State Governor, Ayo Fayose, that the Makarfi group would challenge latest judgement at the Supreme Court.

He said: “For anybody to approach Supreme Court is his fundamental right. But within us, I have reached out to even the other members of the National Working Committee in the other group and we have been talking. So, we would come together and advise our leaders.

“You see, personal ambition can push anybody to anything, but the party is greater than everybody and we are working towards that to make sure that no sacrifice is too much in order to make PDP work. PDP is a very big family, it’s a large party and nobody is bigger than the party.

“Whatever the stance of the (PDP) Governors’ Forum, it was not taken at a meeting. It was an opinion (of somebody) and it doesn’t mean.

Out of the 12 PDP governors, about eight of them are already talking with us. So what are we talking about? But they are an organ of our party that we cannot wish away.”

He pointed out that Sheriff would be magnanimous in victory, adding that the appeal court judgment was a “no victor, no vanquished” verdict.

Buhari's Pari Club Bailout: 7 Govs. Caught In N19b Fraud Using NGF Accounts
The Nation - Seven governors have questions to answer in the alleged diversion of part of the N388.304billion London-Paris Club refunds into two accounts opened by the Nigeria Governors Forum (NGF).

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has uncovered N19billion in one of the accounts. The other is a domiciliary account, which contains a yet unspecified amount of money.

One of those invited for interrogation has admitted handing over a huge sum of money to a principal officer of the National Assembly after changing it into dollars, according to the preliminary report on the management of the refunds.

According to a source, who pleaded not to be named because he is not permitted to talk to the media, EFCC detectives discovered that while about 2% of the funds was paid to consultants who allegedly assisted in computing what was due to each state, 3% was shared by some governors under “curious circumstances”.

The source said: “The detectives have uncovered the two accounts opened in the name of the NGF and the signatories to same.

“We are looking into circumstances behind such huge deposits from London-Paris Club refunds into these accounts.

“The payment of 2% of the refunds to consultants and 3% to some governors which was rated as “curious” by investigators have been confirmed. We also discovered that some of the governors nominated these consultants.”

The source declined to name the seven governors, stressing that the details will be released as soon as the investigation is concluded.

Responding to a question, the source said one of those questioned actually admitted that he changed some of the funds into dollars and handed it over to a principal officer of the National Assembly.

Besides, he insisted that the EFCC had no any agenda against the governors, adding: “It has no basis to run the NGF down at all, but you should know that the Presidency is interested in how these London-Paris Club refunds were spent.

“We know the governors have immunity, but certainly NGF does not enjoy such constitutional protection. We are looking at what informed the transfer of such funds into the accounts of the NGF and for what purposes.

“Once the purposes are in line with statutory financial regulations and the EFCC is satisfied, the case is closed. But where there are cases of diversion and stealing of public funds, the law will take its course.”

The Federal Government released N388.304billion of the N522.74 billion funds to 35 states as refunds of overdeductions on London-Paris Club loans.

States on top of the list with huge reimbursements are those controlled by the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) contrary to their claims of being oppressed by the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.

The big earners are Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Rivers, Delta, Katsina, Kaduna, Lagos, Imo, Jigawa, Borno, Niger, Bauchi,and Benue.

Only Kano State and the FCT did not benefit from the reimbursement.

Ondo was only paid 50 per cent of its refunds (N6,513,392,932.28) because of leadership change in the state which will soon lead to the inauguration of the Governor-elect,  Mr Rotimi Akeredolu.

A breakdown of the list of top beneficiaries of the refunds is as follows: Akwa Ibom – N14,500,000,000.00;  Bayelsa – N14,500,000,000.00;  Delta—N14,500,000,000.00; Katsina  -N14,500,000,000.00; Lagos – N14,500,000,000.00;  Rivers

-N14,500,000,000.00;  Kaduna – N14,362,416,363.24; Borno-N13,654,138,849.49; Bauchi – N12,792,664,403.93;   Benue – N12,749,689,453.61; Sokoto—N11,980,499,096.97; Osun– N11,744,237,793.56; Anambra– N11,386,281,466.35; Edo– N11,329,495,462.04; Cross River – N11,300,139,741.28; Kogi – N11,211,573,328.19; and Kebbi – N11,118,149,054.10.

The Federal Government reached a conditional agreement to pay 25% of the amounts claimed, subject to a cap of N14.5 billion to any given state.

Balances due thereafter will be revisited when fiscal conditions improve.

“Mr. President’s overriding concern is for the welfare of the Nigerian people. considering the fact that many States are owing salaries and pension, causing considerable hardship,” the government said.

THE NATION had exclusively reported that the presidency was uncomfortable with the funds management by governors.

A source in the Presidency, who spoke in confidence, said: “President Muhammadu Buhari has lived up to his pledge to ease salary crises in all the states by releasing N388.304billion to 35 states.

“The agreement between the Federal Government and the governors was very clear. While  50 per cent of the amount released shall be used to offset outstanding  salary and pension arrears, the remaining 50 per cent would be used for the payment of other obligations.

“Some governors have however reneged on this agreement. Security reports available to the Presidency showed that Governor Ayodele Fayose paid only one month out of eight-month salary arrears.

“The governor went ahead to pay a curious 13-month salary to Ekiti workers. Yet, he got N8.877billion refund.

“Instead of accounting for what he used the loan refund for, he attacked the Federal Government on hardship in the country. The relevant agencies are monitoring development in Ekiti and some states.”

Responding to a question, another source in government said: “It is however unfortunate that some governors underdeclared the refunds made to them. Some of them were also discovered to be giving spurious analysis to cover up the actual figures.

“In fact, some states changed the agreement overnight. A state said the President asked states to use at least 25 per cent of their London and Paris Club refuns to offset salary arrears.”

ali modu sheriff and ahmed makarfi
Barely 24 hours after Senator Ben Bruce dumped Alhaji Ahmed Makarfi faction of the embattled Peoples democratic Party, PDP another National Assembly member, from the House of Representatives, Hon. Johnson Agbonayinma has also joined the Ali Modu Sheriff gand of the party.

Hon. Johnson Agbonayinma, who formerly belonged to Ahmed Makarfi faction of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP), revealing why he took the action said that the level of impunity and disregard for rule of law exhibited by members of the Makarfi’s faction forced him to jump ship.

Agbonayinma disclosed this while addressing the media in Abuja.

He described the Makarfi group as illegal, stressing that the party’s constitution made no room for a National Caretaker Committee, hence the mere existence the group was against the law.

The lawmaker said that Ali Modu Sheriff was not only selected by PDP leaders to steer the affairs of the party but was also democratically elected as national chairman. Therefore, deserves the support, allegiance, and co-operation of all well-meaning members of the party.

He accused and chided the spokesperson of the Makarfi group, Dayo Adeyeye for branding Ali Modu Sheriff ,the leader of the dreaded Boko Haram insurgents.

Recall that Dayo Adeyeye had earlier refuted the accusations saying that he did not make any wrong accusation against Ali Modu Sheriff as a Boko Haram member in any capacity; but, that he may have opposed Sheriff’s stand as the leader of the party and only criticized him based on that.

Agbonayinma further pointed out that if (for any reason) the Supreme Court rules on the leadership crisis of the PDP, and affirms Makarfi as the leader of the party, he will have no choice but to abide by the judgement and acknowledge Makarfi.

He said: “Senator Ali Modu Sheriff has said over and over again; that, we must give the party back to the people. When we say “PDP, Power to the People”; let’s give this power back to the people. That is what Ali Modu Sheriff is fighting for, and that is the reason why I decided to join him. I was formerly on the side of

Senator Ahmed Makarfi. He is a leader I respect and love. There are also many other leaders in his group that I also respect and love but we must look at the real issue. We must look at the law and say: “Look, in this country, nobody is above the law.

“When you read through the pages of the PDP constitution, you will see there’s no room for caretaker committee. That can never stand. That is impunity, and that is what we are fighting against. That is what Senator Ali Modu Sheriff is fighting against. Let’s give the party back to the people.

“But I still respect our party leaders who are saying things that can bring us together again, because a house divided against itself can never stand. I am again saying with all due respect and love for my brother Barrister Dayo Adeyeye do not try to give a bad name to somebody for the sake of it especially someone who has worked over the years to build his political career to smear him and to say all kind of negative things just to paint him back whereas, he is not.

“So, saying that Senator Ali Modu Sheriff is a Boko Haram Leader. Look, for God’s sake, Sheriff is a man that lost some of his close relatives and friends died due to the insurgency, and to give him such a black name is a very sad thing to do.

“Ali Modu Sheriff is the only man across the nation who left over N67 billion in the state treasury when he left the governor’s seat in Borno state. If politicians in the PDP knew he was behind Boko Haram, why did they ever go to him to ask him to come and bring PDP back to where it ought to be.

“If they knew he was not qualified, there were no reasons why some PDP governors, senators and party leaders will go to him and lobby him to lead the party. Not only was he selected, he was elected. He got the highest number of votes in the National Chairmanship election.

“Whatever judgement that prevails in the Supreme Court, I will stand by it. I believe Ali Modu Sheriff will also stand by it, because nobody is above the law.”

Muhammadu Buhari
SharaReporters has learned from sources at the Presidency that President Muhammadu Buhari’s doctors have advised him to shelve the idea of returning soon to the daily routine of running Nigeria on account of the gravity of his illness. However, some of Mr. Buhari’s closest associates are goading him to defy the doctors’ recommendation and to take up the reins of power once more in Nigeria. 

President Buhari left Nigeria on January 19 on what was supposed to be a 10-day medical leave. He has since twice postponed his return date even as several government officials and his close aides have continued to characterize him as “hale and hearty,” insisting that he was still vacationing and would soon return to Nigeria.

However, our sources, who are well briefed about Mr. Buhari’s health, disclosed that doctors managing the president have been unequivocal in warning that his condition would certainly deteriorate should he return to Nigeria without completing the first stage of his treatment.

According to one of the sources, the Nigerian president’s condition has been downgraded to “full blown illness” even by members of his kitchen cabinet who are now quietly admitting that he is “ill.” However, the ailing president’s closest associates remain averse to disclosing to the Nigerian people the nature of Mr. Buhari’s illness. 

Saharareporters learnt that the president’s deteriorating health has got to a point where doctors are taking “extreme measures” to ensure that he eats. Mr. Buhari has progressively lost weight due to his illness and course of treatment, our sources disclosed. 

SaharaReporters learned that the pool of aides traveling with President Buhari have extended their hotel booking in London by at least one month starting from February 6th 2017. This means that the earliest Mr. Buhari would make it back to Nigerian soil is in early March.

However, our sources revealed that some members of the president’s inner political circle continue to pressure Mr. Buhari’s doctors in the UK to allow him to return to Abuja, even if for a short time, in order to give the impression that his recovery was on course. We understand that the UK doctors have so far resisted the pressures, stating that it would be professionally irresponsible of them to clear Mr. Buhari at this stage to take up the demands of the Presidency. “I understand that the doctors [in the UK] have made it clear that Mr. President’s flight back to Nigeria could complicate things for him,” one source said. 

Another group of Mr. Buhari’s supporters have asked the ailing president to authorize his doctors to address the Nigerian people directly about his health situation. However, members of the president’s inner cabinet have staunchly opposed this disclosure, arguing that, since Mr. Buhari had handed over to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, there was no need to make further revelations since the VP has been vested with all the constitutional powers to run Nigeria.

Some political figures, particularly governors of some northern states, have been spending extending times in London and making efforts daily to meet with the ill president. However, such meetings with Mr. Buhari have also become difficult to arrange since the ailing president’s doctors have cautioned against his meeting and smooching with visiting politicians, citing the significant drain on his already low energy. “The doctors have become very stern in restricting access to him [President Buhari],” said one source. “As a result, so many of the visiting politicians do not even get to see Mr. Buhari before returning to Nigeria empty handed,” he added.

As SaharaReporters earlier revealed, President Buhari’s doctors in the UK have recommended that he would need at least a period of four months away from power to receive the full regimen of treatment for his several health challenges. A source said the president was undergoing therapy related to his prostate, declining to be more specific. A different source disclosed that the treatment had partially affected President Buhari’s voice, at one point making it almost impossible to hear him. 

During the week, there were rumors in Abuja that President Buhari would attend the inauguration of President Adams Barrow in the Gambia. But one source at the Presidency dismissed the rumor as “a ruse raised by some members of a cabal who are determined to see that their power is not whittled down.”

Two of our sources disclosed that President Buhari’s health issues were of a chronic nature, adding that it was unlikely that the ailing president would ever be in a position to meet the full demands of his office whenever he returns to the country. “He is going to need regular trips abroad for ongoing treatment,” one stated. 

Report Culled from Sahara Reporter
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