10 Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday in Style

If your birthday is around the corner, you may be tempted to stick your head in the sand to avoid the day completely or celebrate the day in style. Rather than hiding from the day, change things up this year. We have ten ways you can celebrate your birthday in style and make this year an unforgettable experience.

1) Rent a limo.

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Get together with your closest friends and splurge on a limo to get to the fanciest restaurant in your area. It’s a way of feeling like a celebrity while also not having to worry about drinking and driving. Live in Toronto, Canada? Be sure to check out the Toronto limos available for you in your area.

2) Be a tourist.

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Even if you have lived in your city for over 10 years, why not be a tourist for your birthday? Figure out the hotspots for tourists and pretend you are on vacation. Splurge on a hotel for a night or two and make a weekend of it.

3) Throw a dinner party.

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If the idea of cooking makes you want to die a little inside, research the best catering service in your area and cater dinner for you and your closest of friends. Indulge on the wine and decorations too. It’s a great of getting everyone together and feel special, especially if you encourage everyone to dress up.

4) Take a day for yourself.

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When was the last time you had a date? And I mean one with yourself. Take a day off from adult responsibilities. Go get your nails done, buy a new novel, and splurge on a piece of cake from the fancy bakery.

5) Get in touch with your inner child.

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Whether you are turning 20 or 60, remember what it was like to be a kid again. If you loved theme parks as a kid, plan a trip to visit on nearest you. Visit a park and take a turn at the swings. Buy a puzzle and put it together with a fellow puzzle fan you know and love.

6) Indulge on food.

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Throw that diet to the side and spend the day eating your way through your birthday. Have a big breakfast with a cup of strong coffee, and a big dinner topped off with dessert. Your birthday is not a day to worry about calories.

7) Give yourself a gift.

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If you can afford it, splurge on that one item you’ve been eyeballing. If your friends do want to give you a present, ask them to donate to that “special gift” fund. Whether it’s a nice pair of boots or a bottle of expensive perfume, spend a little something on yourself that day.

8) Have a one-on-one moment with your friends and family.

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As an adult, so often much of our communication happens over social media. Plan a get together with the closest people in your life and take time to have a one-on-one. Whether you have a coffee date or have breakfast or lunch together, take the time to catch up with the people in your life that goes beyond a social media status update.

9) Watch a movie marathon.

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Pop some popcorn, get some sweet treats and have a movie marathon of your favorite flicks. Consider having everyone bring their favorite movie. It’s a fantastic way of relaxing and enjoying your special day.

10) Create a time capsule for your next birthday.

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In preparation for your next birthday, create a time capsule that will commemorate the year. Put in photographs, trinkets, and even maybe a small gift card or two so you can treat your future self. Also, write a letter expressing things you are grateful for this past year and jot down goals you are hoping you achieve.

With these ideas, this is sure to be your best birthday yet.