Are You Choosing the Right ID Card Printer Ribbons: ID Card Printing Cost Saving Tips

If you are running a busy office, it is probably necessary for you to print loads of staff or visitor ID cards every week, or you may need to print three to four cards per day. Your first requirement will be to buy the best printer ribbons. Using good quality printer ribbons will also help in keeping the cost down. For this, you must decide what type of card printing requirements you have on daily basis, as well as the volume of card printing to meet everyday business needs. Another important factor for consideration is the printing cost. Before you invest, you must check the average and general cost of ribbon of ID card printers.It is imperative you get ID card printers that will give you good value for money.

We have some ID card printing cost saving tips for you –


You may not necessarily need to laminate your ID card always. Just a layer of protection can do the job, which is ensured by using theright card printer ribbon. These overlaying come with an O at the end suggesting that layers provide this function when it is printed. The extra benefit that you can avail from this is that it makes your ID card look much professional and much more long lasting. The YMCKO types of ribbons are ideal for this. This will also help you in saving money.

Printing Color

If it is not mandatory for you to have your ID color printed, always choose to print it in black and white. If you need to print a simple image with text, black and white is then the best option. Besides, color printing costs more than black and white.

Single or Double Sided Printing

What is your need? Do you need to print on both sides, or on single side? The cost of printing depends on your choice of printing. If your requirement is of printing both sides then YMCKO printer ribbons are the best option to use. It can also print bar code or things like that though in black and white. But, if you need color print on both sides and the volume of printing is high then it will obviously cause extra costs.

Process of Printing

There are generally three processes available for printer ribbons. They are

  1. Thermal printing,
  2. Re-Writable Printing,
  3. High-Definition or Re-transfer printing.

Depending on these types, the costs of printer ribbons vary greatly. In order to save your money, you can use the lower-costing one.


The value of printer ribbons depends on the type of printer too. Before buying printer ribbon, you must choose the right printer from a list of shortlisted ID card printers.

Volume of Printing

Another important point on which the cost of printing depends is the volume of printing on regular basis. If you require high volume of ID card select the printer from Avon Security offering better volume against printing ribbon. Ribbons’ sizes also vary depending on the capacity of their performance.

Keeping track of these few simple points will help you reduce the cost of ID card printing in your office.